Lighting Techniques Interview with Karl Taylor – Part 1

by Staff July 20, 2016 at 8:57 am

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  1. Hello, I wanted to ask you how do you get the model to pop out so much from the background, especially your photograph of the girl in the blue dress iceland, when I try my images seem just abit flat, is it just the light modifers or have you also done quite abit in post production. amazing images by the way

  2. Do you take requests? The details might be silly/funny but I need a tutorial on using only umbrella lighting (shoot-through).No soft boxes,etc.I did search on Youtube but mostly are soft boxes or mixed with umbrellas.Yeah I'm a beginner and shoot-through umbrellas are all I have.I'd really appreciate your help.Thank you

  3. +Karl Taylor, besides the technical aspects of these images (which is awesome and very helpful) can you comment on what these images were for? Adverts or commissioned shoots, I'm guessing?

  4. Hi Karl, I am a big fan of your photography. You are have an amazing vision which is most important element in photograpy. Kindly share your facebook page link as I am not able to find it. Thanks Karl.

  5. Learning photography with the the best professional photographers online is the best! Keep up the good share Mr. Karl Taylor! To learn photography online is FUN!

  6. This is what it's about. Getting inside the mind of a photographer like Karl is always interesting. The planning and understanding of light are tremendous. Great series of videos here.

  7. What can I say, just pure awesome shots. At 8:39 does the White Plexi floor material actually bend up behind the model or is there a white paper roll coming down and photoshopping it together so you don't see the seam? I bet you really hate coming to work everyday and shooting such beautiful women 😉  LOL

  8. Thanks Karl! I think, your work is amazing!! As you´re always using "heavy machinery" in your videos like fancy gear, sophisticated techniques, beautiful models etc. I´ve asked myself: do you ever take candid shots or snap shots? When you´re on a holiday, which camera do you bring along? What do your vacation-shots look like? Your viewers might also be interested in your "personal" photography, when it´s not about the studio or big projects! How abt. a short "what´s in my holiday photobag" video?

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