Lightroom CC Minimalist Photo Editing

by Staff July 15, 2016 at 7:33 am

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  1. Ed, This is not really a how to question but rather a technology / settings question. I noticed your computer is very fast in lightroom, 1 – probably because you're using Apple and I'm using Wind-blows, lol. I not in anyway planning on buying a new computer so I'm wondering if you use any special setting to speed-up lightroom?

  2. I stumbled on your lightroom tutorial a couple weeks ago and you inspired me so much that I purchased a surface pro 4 tablet to use lightroom and edit photos on the go. I live in Vegas now, and I want to capture some of the beautiful landscapes out here. So thank you ed, I greatly appreciate your help and inspiration.

  3. Symmetry was the word you were looking for Ed! Lol! Nice edit! (I have the same camera and now that I know you'll edit photos from entry level cameras, I'll submit one of my own!)

  4. hey ed…I really like your videos….keep doing so…plss can you make a video regarding the shortcut keys in light room and how to work faster..
    thank you

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