Long Exposure Photography for Beginners

by Staff May 7, 2016 at 9:59 am

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  1. What a great explanation of the exposure triangle. I just took my Canon 70D outside to try a long exposure. I set it to manual, set the shutter speed to 5 sec. ISO 100. 2 second time. Pressed the shutter and… nothing happened. I tried it on auto mode and it took the shot. I'm confused. Going to try again after watching this video. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hi Josh, I'm kinda beginner, I have seen lots of online tutorial about shooting under the sun, some says that I have to use a flash to get a better and brighter shot! others says just use the spot metering mode, I have tried the spot metering mode on my Nikon D810 and never got it correct. like I'm trying to put my model behind the window and shoot a picture without flash and still can't get the perfect shot even with over exposure i get her face either too bright or too dark! can you tell me what's the idol solution for this ? thanks

  3. Dude I gotta say thanks! One of the best tips ever to use a timer on the camera! It's so simple and I never thought of it for the cameras I own that I don't have some sort of remote for. Also wanted to say I never knew you were into photography, been watching you skate on Andy's channel for a while and you're amazing!

  4. When I do long exposures of cars or city lightsI set my aperture to f/11 and I usually will set it to anywhere from ten seconds to a minute. I also use a remote cable instead of using the timer.

  5. Well i like the video but i want to know wat is the difference between a camera and using a phone to take pics do you get the same type of picture if you take it with a cell then you taking it with a camera

  6. 2:37 "Another word for shutter speed is exposure, it's the exact same thing"
    Wtf? Shutter speed is one part of exposure, but what about ISO and aperture?

    3:17 "All lenses have a little hole in it that let light in, this is called the aperture ring"
    Sorry mate, aperture ring is the ring next to the focus ring on old lenses which lets you adjust the aperture manually.

    Sure, you can take nice photos but please don't go teaching people bullshit that you don't even know yourself.

  7. Hey new sub! Just wondering of you were self-taught regarding photography and if so how did you go about that or what resources you used? If not, is there a certain method or program you recommend or did you just learn in school (doubt that last one lol) Thanks again and I love your DITLs

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