LX100 Day 3 – Canon 70D vs Panasonic LX100

by Staff December 10, 2016 at 10:50 am

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  1. I would like to start making videos, like places I visit or myself talking, so in this case what would be better for me? nx 500 or lx100? Or maybe even something else? Thanks for help! :-)

  2. Peter , a big hug from Venezuela , over here you've got a follower . My dear friend , I have a Canon 70D and also I edit with Sony Vegas, it would be very kind of you if you give me some tips for the Sony settings for rendering. I had problems with the fluidity of my videos , I have no idea what I'm doing wrong . I like your channel is very pleasant , thanks to one of your videos I decided to buy the 70D and am very happy . Greetings .

  3. Hey Peter

    I wonder if you can help me.. I have the LX100 and when I hit the drive button to access the panorama facility.. its greyed out.. what am I not doing  or doing wrong?
    Would be very grateful if you can tell me what to do!

  4. I've read that book and others by Dale Carnegie. I wasn't trying to be mean. I was just saying that because I really thought you were joking. I'm 54 (look younger) and have a friend that looks a little bit like you and he is 65.  

  5. I'm interested in purchasing this to replace a Canon Rebel XS and a Canon Vixia HMF40 video camera.  Video is important to me and my Vixia takes great sharp video but it would be nice to carry the LX100 around to replace both.  My only worry is every sample LX100 video I've seen with motion, there is this "stutter" effect I notice.  It's especially noticable when you switch from LX100 to 70D.  Does anyone else see this?

  6. Thanks for the friendly content. The LX100 would be perfect in manual focus for a stationary shot, and its fast AF is better suited for speedy movements. When I saw the first video, and the sharpening, I was shocked..so glad it was a Vegas Pro fluke!

    Just to be sure, all settings are manual for video? Can they be adjusted while recording?

  7. any of you guys looking for the 70d for video, the sony a6000 for only 450$ have even better autofocus, face recognition, control over focus transition speed, better image quality, 60 fps, much less moire and aliasing.. the 70d only has good af the video is mushy looking and filled with moire.

  8. Hi Peter,
    Ive a Alpha 6000 with some Primes, now i look for a small Device to take it every Day with me. Lx 100 or Rx100m3 …… thats what i think all the Time. What do ya think in Picture Quality,Lens,Handling wich one is the better one ?

    Love yar Vids
    Greetings !

  9. Focus hunting on the LX100 is pretty damned distracting.   Were the two cameras at equivalent apertures that equalized the DOF?  Seems like the LX100 had plenty of DOF (see the Christmas pillow on the couch) but was still hunting around any time there was subject movement.

  10. What will happen if in the 70D shot , you sit on the left or right side of the screen? Will the 70D can catch the right focus point on the face? I think it's not fair for LX100 when it has to hunt the face which is not in the center,

  11. likewise loving my LX100 –  have the Fuji X100s likewise and the X100s has larger sensor and minor advantages in low light if it gets focus –  the LX100 is just so much more fun to use – I am using the 4K video quite a bit to capture fast action with the capture stills from video –  very nice –  I agree on lens sharpness – such a nice package and perfect for street photography

  12. The video quality of the LX100 is great but you can see it constantly hunting back and forth for focus (see bokeh on christmas lights constantly change due to focus hunting). The autofocus on the 70D looks way more stable.

  13. Way better video on the LX100 than  70D. In comparison the 70D looks muddier and grainier than the LX100. For serious video makers the auto AF is not an issue as you would probably  manual focusing anyawy. Great informative videos Petr. Tank you.

  14. You're a champion Peter. I love watching your videos. I have a GH4 which I love and use for all my commercial video work (the D800 stays at home), a GH3 which is camera 2, and an OMD EM1 which I use mainly for pictures, as I just love the handling. My favourite walk around camera is my Fuji X100S. The 4K on the Panasonic cameras is unbeatable. 

  15. AF on thr LX100 in video… just no. Video quality on the LX100 is nice, much nicer this time around than the first video that was put up with it side by side the GH4.

    I don't know if I would replace an RX100 with the LX100 though… not as a carry around all the time camera anyways :/ a tad on the big side.

  16. Watch the pillow on the left to see all the focus hunting on the LX100. The lens looks so sharp that is reveals the hunting more than the 70D. Peter, would you be willing to go over how to manual focus the LX100 "During" movie recording? Is the LX100 stuck with only the initial focusing before starting to record in manual mode? This is ultra important to me. I don't want to stop the recording every time I need to refocus. Can the LX100 do a half shutter press to lock focus and have it hold focus until you half press it again DURING movie recording? The GH2 has this functionality. Or is there a work around way to do this semi-automatic way to focus? I must say that I am very unhappy with the 4K 15 minute USA  recording time limitation. And no, it is not to save it from over heating because I seen a guy on youtube restart the recording after 15 minutes several times. Panasonic crippled it as to not compete with the GH4. Panasonic comes so close so many times but doesn't quite deliver.
    Thank you so much for you videos!

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