My EXACT Process for Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

by Staff July 29, 2016 at 8:18 am

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  1. I do like the videos showing your process and sharing your thought process. It is educational to see how different sliders work together. Please keep it up! I did notice that you never addressed vertical or horizontal lines. In most it didn't matter, but in some, it seemed distracting. One of the pics of your boom mic guy, made it look like he was leaning back, not standing straight up and down. Is there a reason for that?

  2. Does anyone know what that tower is on the left side of desk? I am assuming its hard drive bays or something? Looking for a brand or model if anyone knows :)

  3. I came across this video looking for exactly this. I have hundreds of photos sometimes and while I am comfortable with the choosing photos part, I wasn't sure if I was overthinking or scaring myself out of how many photos I had to edit individually. Great video! Fun to see how someone else goes through this process.

  4. I would love to see the process after this part…I have hundreds of edited photos and now, don't know the best way to distribute them. Basically everything after the editing process…I'm lost on; why export? Where do I put them all? Storage ideas? How to best send files to clients? And most important how to change the files size..if every photo is 20MB…holy crap big file!

  5. Thank you, for doing a long Lightroom editing video. This definitely helps understand the process of what is going when processing multiple images at once. I try not to overthink any one image- and this tutorial shows that same method. And it works! You get it right in camera- bring out the best of the image in post process and you are done. Thanks, again Jared.

  6. As Jarred says, we all have our own ways of using Lightroom.
    The majority of my RAW images are aviation related, and I find what works for me is:

    Putting Highlight over to the left
    Shadows to the right
    Then sorting out Blacks and Whites (while holding down Alt key)
    Before doing anything else. It works for me.

  7. Jared, I really enjoyed wayching this video. I've been using lightroom for 3 months not. it's nice to see that i'm doing it correctly. I would love to see more types of these videos. The best part is while I'm editing my photos, I find that I talk to myself, lol. I would like to see more of this type of videos.

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