My EXACT Process for Photo Editing: Selecting the keepers

by Staff July 26, 2016 at 8:04 am

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  1. Awesome video!

    Quick question for anyone out there that can help. how do i get the camera info to appear in the top left like at 3:07 in this video while in library mode? Im using Lightroom in the creative cloud on an iMac. Ive searched and searched setting and can't figure this out and its bugging me.

  2. is this lightroom cc? i'm very confused.. should i get the lightroom 6 or lightroom cc subscription? i'm not doing any professional work or anything it's just as a hobby.. please help me out someone :(

  3. your concern about the eyes being in focus – I undersand is a technical/professional standard procedure, but us artists can be, and often are, more critical (read nit-picking) than our subjects. you did admit that the one guy that has an image with his arms crossed "wouldn't notice". I say that most people wouldn't, and even some other professionals wouldn't either, unless they bother to load the image in to an editor and zoom in as you are doing here.

    I honestly dont get why you didn't like one of the images of the pretty woman, when she has a full-on open mouthed smile, you chose the other 2 of her, with a partially open mouthed smile, but in the fully open mouthed smile, her eyes are focused on something off to the side, and I think that adds an extra deminsion to that particular image.

  4. You cut out the entire key-wording and organizing part of pre-editing.  And other than seeing your preferences you barely hit on various methods for tagging and labeling pictures.

    There's alot people could learn from getting their Lightroom catalog organized.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that has issues with easily finding old pictures.  The hardest part in the long term isn't narrowing down keepers in you shoot.

  5. I love that we get to see all the shots, and not just the fabulous ones you've already edited. Makes me feel better as a photographer, since I pressure myself to make every shot a work of art, and that is just not possible.

  6. Man, my Lightroom doesn't load NEF files, how did you do that? I always have to convert it to DNG files using the Adobe converter. It's a pain in the ass.

  7. I love this type of video, where you even show what will not be used. Most just show you the keepers wich can sometimes put you off a bit when it seem like every picture the person took was in focus and spot on exposure.

  8. Jared I shoot sports and with the continuous focus 3D tracking mood it tracks the subject pretty well but usually the focus is not on the eye or not even on the face maybe underneath it a little or on the body !! what should I do to track the subject with a good focus on the eye or the face .

  9. Jared, I'd be interested in your take on folks who say you should never do any client work for free. I guess technically this isn't a client shoot, but you are delivering files that will have value to the folks involved in exchange for access. I definitely see how this is a great way to practice and get experience shooting in different situations, but how do you avoid getting pigeonholed as someone who just gives up files for free in exchange for access. In a situation like this is there value in proving an invoice with your files, showing what your charges are/would be and the fact that you've comped it for them?

  10. I also did this on a movie set just for fun (plus I was an extra, so I was there anyway) and I mostly agree with his ISO choice. I couldn't use a flash either. I kept my D7100 at ISO2200 or less and no faster than 1/120s because I thought 1/120 would be enough to stop motion using available light. It wasn't. I ended up with less useable shots. I think he erred on the side of sharpness not having to worry about motion blur in low light. I'm going to kick it up to ISO3200+ next time. Grainy as it may be with my paltry pro-sumer sensor.

  11. Hi Jared. You say you messed up due to using the wrong focusing mode/point. What was the best mode to use for these shots? We're you using AF single with a single AF point, then recomposing? Thanks, Mike.

  12. Thanks, love the bts vids! So when shooting your auto focus was as-s single point? Sorry i just got a nikon last week and im learning the settings. Ive had bad results with that so far and have had better results using face detection even though i know most people dont use it.

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