Natural Light Portrait Photography – Golden Hour + Tips

by Staff February 11, 2017 at 12:58 pm

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  1. Jessica, i don't' know why there are so many haters commentating on this video. I just wanted to comment and say this video is super insightful and hands on what is actually like to work with a model in a location. You even took the time to edit in the photos and the settings into the video. So much value in the little tips you give as you are shooting that can save so much headache when in editing phase. Much Love, You rock, don't let these haters bother you!

  2. In this video, she may not seem like she knows photography at a professional level. Especially the camera details. But the reason she's popular is because of her personality. And that is very much a huge thing. Good people-photographers have to be really fun to work with.

  3. cool to see young and beautiful people into photography and having a blast!!….just a couple of observations…you review every single of your shots, try to be confident on your settings and keep shooting because the engagement with the model or pose can be lose…second, work on your angles, watch for extremities…good luck and keep it up!

  4. most of female photographers just use natural light and most of their images are very simple and after a while they become very boring.. i really hope female photographers get more adventurous and start using strobes.. natural light is great as well and tricky at times but again most natural light photographers dont get it right.. this video is example of wrong natural light photography.. anyone these days with pretty face makes videos on youtube and starts getting following ..

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