Natural Light Wedding Photography – Tips, Tricks & Posing

by Staff July 25, 2016 at 8:53 am

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  1. Thanks for all these tutorials! Some awesome shots and tips!

    Quick question… What's the advantage to shooting 160 iso? I always assumed when you have plenty of light and no fast moving subjects you'd shoot at 100 or as low as the camera will allow?

  2. Hello Jessica ! I'am Brazilian and fan of his incredible work. One of my inspirations. Contine God bless your life , creativity and sensitivity of the eye. Success !

  3. With couples as this one it is easier, but it is more challenging when the couple doesnt look like two models but people with not quite regular body shapes. that would be tutorial i would love to see althought this one is also very nice ☺️

  4. Hi Jessica,

    thanks for the very useful video! Please make a tutorial how to get edit the image like that one under the tree at 2:46 in your video. Pleeeeaaaase!! I love that look! <3

    Nice greetings from Germany :)

  5. Already learned so much if you Jessica. There are so many photographers out there who take soooo much money for this things you show for free. As if it s not about art no more but how to get more money in seconds. But in your eyes I see that passion they don't have. Thanks Jessica.

  6. Some off these shots are terrific. The first few had too much background stuff in focus. There is a black n white one toward the end that is really "frame-worthy".

  7. Thanks Jess! This video was superinspiring. Made me feel so warm and fussy inside (meaning I'm inspired lmao)! Going to save this for when I need that inspo kick. And like previous ppl said: EDITING TUTORIAL! Lovely colors

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