NEW Panasonic M43 LOW LIGHT HIGH ISO Champion

by Staff February 22, 2017 at 12:27 pm

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  1. hi i'm using g85 and confuse about buying Lumix 12-35 F2.8 or Olympus 12-40 F2.8, as u know the g85 has IBIS and i think lens stabilization is not necessary for my camera , so which one has better image quality for vidoe and photography? thx !!

  2. Sonys A7S cameras perform well regards Iso simply because it utilises both a large full frame sensor combined with very large pixel pitch ( it is only 12MP). Even Sony had to accept the limitations of sensor technology thus why Canons and Nikons flagships sport mere 21MP resolutions. I'm not familier with this technology from Panasonic but I don't feel it would transition into a consumer camera sensor. Likely it has very good low light performance but given its security application it's likely to yield "night vision" image quality which is generally poor and certainly not good enough for today's image quality requirements.

  3. I seen this info weeks ago. The organic Panasonic sensor.
    Matt I like your videos but this video is click bait.
    Just because it's from Panasonic doesn't mean it's going to be a m43 sensor.
    I honestly thought this video was a current maybe gh5 or upcoming m43 camera but it's not. Merely wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking but your title is misleading.

  4. Dont be so silly. The key to this is its application in security cameras; it doesnt make a normal colour image, it is using a recording filter layer in a non visual wavelength to double the light capture. When are people going to understand that there isnt going to be a MFT sensor with greater dynamic range. Dynamic Range is entirely dependent on pixel area and noise control; Panasonic themselves have said they are pushing the boundaries with the the new 20MP sensor which was only possible with advanced architecture for noise control. High ISO is a totally rubbish idea and has nothing at all to do with the sensor, it is entirely due to image signal processing and always degrades image quality. Think audio system Volume control, turn the volume up you create distortion. I wouldn't touch a high ISO champion with a bargepole, its manufactured for Journalists who dont need high image quality and weak minded fanboys.

  5. Why don't you just have the paper in front of you instead of having to turn and grab it every time you begin? You can also have your glasses already on before you begin.

  6. I would love to get better ISO performance out of a M43 sensor. I love the small, lightweight, compact system of M43 but low light is an issue. It has forced me to get better with lighting but those are usually in controlled environments. Some situations are completely dependent on the speed of the lens and the ISO capability – especially if you're shooting moving subjects and can't do longer exposure shots. I have 5 lenses now for M43 and really don't want to switch to another system but have been considering it because of the nature of the things I shoot for work. If they get a camera body that meets my criteria and improves ISO capability, that would be wonderful.

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