Nightclub Photography Tips

by Staff November 8, 2016 at 10:38 am

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  1. Thanks, this was helpful. Was laughing in a lot of parts due to the things you were saying were so rateable haha. Do you have a vid anywhere that shows you actually setting the camera up close? I've just started doing nightclub photography but kind of been thrown in the deep end & don't know a lot about what settings are good to have on. I know you explained at the start but i don't really understand all the camera talk. Would be really helpful if you could break it down

  2. The 24-70 is overkill, In a crop sensor camera thats 38-112mm so its not wide for night club group photos.
    In my opinion the the tamron 17-50mm f 2.8 is a much better and cheaper option for this sort of style of photography and giving you the wide angle that you require for a lot less money.

  3. Hi Scott

    Thanks for the video it helped a lot, 
    I have a trail for night club photography soon and i was wondering what setting you would advise having the camera in e.g. Manual, Aperture value etc?

  4. Hello Scott

    Good video.
    I am finding with the D810 that ISO 200 is best for keeping a dark background and bouncing it off the ceiling at a club I went to for the first time.

    The question I have is what focal length do you use mostly on your camera?

    I have been looking at either the 35mm or the 58mm Prime. 

    The big question though is how do you get the camera to focus in the club's?
    I found I needed to use manual but this might of been because the only lens I had was a 70 – 200mm.


  5. Do you find that having your flash in TTL causing varying flash output?   This is a problem when I use TTL.  The output strength changes and causes inconsistencies.  With manual, I can set the output and it remains consistent pretty much. 

  6. I'd recommend using a much lower shutter speed than 1/50, I shoot between 1/4 – 1/20 (rarely upto 1/30) depending on the lighting etc.. slower shutter speeds will bring a lot more light into the picture which will give your photos more of a 'club' feeling! Also a wider lens like a 17-50 2.8 will be a lot more flexible to fit more into the frame! 

  7. Hi, where do you have the flash while you are taking the picture?… What i mean is if your operating the camera and flash is off camera, how are you operating it, or holding it etc (the flash)? 

  8. Hey I have just finished my first night of club photography and I want to thank you for your advice. Also to anyone thinking about doing club photography go for it, it's really fun and you meet a load of people. Also I strongly recommend a lens hood. Oh god how many people hit my lens by accident, if I didn't have a hood my lens would be ruined!

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