Nikon D3400 Review! Best Beginner DSLR Camera 2017?

by Staff October 25, 2016 at 11:08 am

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  1. I would love to win the Nikon d3400.Because d3400 is better than Canon 1300d in almost all things and also my priority is photography… So, am not concerned about video capabilities. So, Nikon d3400 is perfect for me…

  2. I would have picked the Nikon because of the specs and battery life, but the Canon model is also nice because you can just swap your lenses on the go :)

  3. Hey Chris, i just want to know about which camera will be better for me D3300 Or 1300D (D3400 is way expensive in my area). my use will be NO VIDEOGRAPHY. Only PHOTOGRAPHY….. Please help me to buy a DSLR…

  4. The Nikon d3400 because I love Nikon and I've been saving for ages and if I won I could spend mor money on lenses and tripods etc, I really want/need this camera so I can get into the world of photography. By the way I'm really loving you videos recently and your content is great Chris keep up the great work I really really hope I win also the canon would also get me started thanks Chris

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