Nikon D5500 Hands-on Review

by Staff December 23, 2016 at 11:34 am

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  1. I've heard a lot about the noise of autofocus in the kit lens. please tell me which lens I should take to reduce the noise for autofocus cuz I'll be using this mainly for video

  2. Hello, I film Parkour and Freerunning. I needed a new camera and I have desided between the Nikon D5500 or Sony A6000. I know that there is noise when focusing on the D5500. Can you please help me out? What Camera should I buy? I cant buy anything over $700 and I dont know what one to choose!!!

  3. Canon 750D/760D. Nikon D5300/D5500. Sony a3000/a3500. Companies are just copying eaah other's bullshit. Rebadging previews models with minor improvements and selling them hundreds of dollars more expenssive.

  4. So Pentax is so much better finally introducing the K-1 on our shores before DSLRs are banned due to lack of Mirrorless love. You think that marketing B.S. is limited to Nikon? Try again folks. Kai you of all people. Geez. I was going to get the D7200. Stupid camera is big heavy, lacks the touch screen interface for pinch and swipe, and so on a natural to our smartphone infested world. That is not marketing, that is just smart. Any camera without a touch screen is stupid. There, how do you like that. Nikon D500 has the Bitchin' touch screen too, and is well received. Do I want a D7200? Nope, for the weight, why not go for the D500 or D750? I would get the D500 so I don't have to buy FX glass.

    Lets see I have pissed off Pentaxians, Anyone with a D7xxx. Anyone who hates the touch screen. Ahh, we have balance. Now that is YouTube for you. Kai give us a review you did like the earlier days. The ones lately are like Top Gear on Pussy-oids. Yeah like that non word?

  5. I have this camera and despite what this review says (and let's face it, it is only 1 man's opinion), this is a very good camera. Admittedly, the 18-55 kit lens is not great, so a replacement should be the first thing on your shopping list. I'd love to get a higher end dSLR, but I do not have an unlimited budget, so this price bracket and spec is ideal for me, and to be honest, would be perfectly fine for the vast majority of keen amateur photographers. I am thoroughly pleased with my D5500 and have expanded it with 4 lenses covering all focal ranges and shooting situations, so if this fits in with your budget, go for it.

  6. hi. i have a few questions which i hope you can help me out with. Is the focusing motor noise on nikon d5500 dependent on the lens (e.g. kit lens) or is it inside the camera itself? (i am talking about auto-focus here). i mean if i use a different lens, will there still be the annoying noise of focusing motor in video recording etc.? i saw some videos where it shows that d5500 sometimes moves too much during focusing and you will have to focus again because it doesnt focus accurately. i was planning to buy one and i am confused between nikon d5500 and canon eos 80d. from reviews i have understood that 80d have better video quality and very low focusing noise compared to nikon but for image quality they are both the same. furthurmore, i have better and cheaper more versatile lens options with nikon.Secondly, in live view mode you have limitations in d5500 like if you take a snap, the screen goes completely blank for a second which is not good as you might loose track of the object as well as its focus. will you recommend me this camera over canon or will you suggest me canon?P.S. i will be using this camera for wedding photography with running kids (equivalent to sports photography), street photography, nature and also landscaping. (basically everything) and i do want articulated screen so i dont think i have many alternative options available anyway.your help will be appreciated. thanks.

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