Nikon DSLR Auto Focus Settings

by Staff July 6, 2016 at 7:22 am

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  1. Hi nice video. Thanks
    Just a quick question: if I set up the focus for each lenses I have, does the camera will recognize the settings for each lenses when I change them? thanks

  2. i have a question about auto focus for video,..
    if i set up my camera on a tripod say 8 foot away from a chair that  my subject is setting in,..  they take up a small portion of the available screen but are in focus,..
    if i manually frame in the persons say head and shoulders by adjusting the turn stops on the lens , then change to auto focus will it keep the framing of the shot as their head and shoulders, but adjust for them leaning in and out?
    i say this because i have tried to set it up lie that but couldn't get it to work .
    and think perhaps it is a setting  issue maybe.

    my results have been it just locks in at the focal spot i started at and doesn't seem to auto focus at all,.. even though i have set it to AF
    i am new to this level of camera and frankly my cheapo video cam is so much easier to use for such activities im almost regretting spending money for the upgrade.

    even on still photos,.. focusing is a nightmare with this camera so far,..
    it says to half depress the button to auto focus the shot ,.. but when i do it goes and auto focuses it till the box is green but doesn't stay there when it hits green,.. so i get this constant oooopps i just past it back to red thing going on.

    the learning curve is pretty steep when one moves from a  point and shoot camera to a camera like the d7000


  3. Sorry about being late. 50mm's are so small, I'd have it on me always. The 16-85 is so practical for a wedding, I hope you brought it. It's about what you are comfortable with. I shoot primes solely, but other people could never flow with that.

  4. great info and i am going to a wedding tomorrow and want to be a back up. with what i know would you use the16-85 or 50 mm, please? would you suggest the auto setting or the scene settings.

  5. Thanks so much for this video! I have read the manual (at least on this particular subject) and still could not get the focus adjusted correctly. Now, it's exactly as I want it! 🙂

  6. Yeah, I'm disappointed that it doesn't correct it completely. What are you shooting? See, the problem with me is that I shoot really close up. When you are shooting things further away, it's harder for the camera to miss the shot.

  7. Hi Jonathan.
    I followed your instructions.. fantastic and clear.
    But i feel a bit shocked, i had to correct my lens by -20 points and its still not perfectly central. 🙁

  8. If you're not comfortable in a manual mode, shoot in the Action mode (which I'm not sure that is the name because I only use manual). Set the focus to AF-C or 3D tracking. Try the two out and see what works best.

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