Nikon Speedlight Handbook: Flash Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Staff July 26, 2016 at 9:08 am

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  1. As I watch this I can't help but notice that either the backgrounds behind the portrait subjects are cluttered (lamps in heads), or the images are just plain boring and lack any imagination. Bored to death with her (Lisa's) narration, and not impressed with the photographer's images.

  2. You just proved why the histogram is useless. If you can't tell by your own eye that highlights are blown or shadows are too black, you probably shouldn't look for a tool to tell you. Since every image has its own unique histogram, there's no point in looking at it to see if it's "right".

  3. Well made Video and Perfect Content !!! EXACTLY what I needed to be comfortable for my first portrait shoot outdoors with my SB 700. Thank you for the excellent guidance!

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