Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial

by Staff May 15, 2017 at 3:40 pm

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  1. light on a stick, twirlled in different places, covering your lense inbetween the indiv. swirls………do I win the prize? I have had really good results w/ your tutorial on the cds w/ water droplets. can't wait to try more, this looks fun

  2. Im going to say the last photo was made using a cordless drill, a piece of string and then an LED on the end. The drill would be turned on and the light would spin in a small circle and gradually increase as it is lifted up higher. Then the drill woulr be turned off and the circles would get smaller. That's my guess…

  3. I'm going to guess that it was a strand of lights that you weighted down near the bottom and then you held it out in front of you and twirled it around and around..Kinda like you did the other ones, but this one was latitudinal instead of longitudinal . Hope this makes sense. 🙂

  4. These look like lights attached to beach balls.  I can't figure out whether you had several balls (which could give a cool "overlapping" effect). or one, but balls usually can't spin as easily as something on the end of a wire or string or a hoop.  How do you get multiple shots?  Multiple exposures on a tripod?  Resetting the timer moves the camera, so there is often blurring of the image.  Advice?

  5. For last snap I think you used hula hoop ring or something like that. You stick the LEDs on the rings and then spin it around the central vertical axis. And if I am not wrong you just spin it repeatedly in clockwise and then anti clock wise direction only up to 180 Degree rather the 360.

  6. Idk how you did the last one but my guess and the way that I would do it would be to take a rod of some sort like a dowel rod or a broom handle and attach leds on strands to it in several places. The ends being shorter than the middle. Then you could spin the entire rod and the lights would snap out on the strands from the centrifugal force. It would make the same affect seen here even if that isn't how you did it.

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