Panasonic G85 Video Review

by Staff February 8, 2017 at 12:09 pm

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  1. Great review as always.

    I’m primarily a video shooter but I needed a DSLR type camera to shoot both great video and good quality stills and I bought the G85 a few weeks ago. I was tossing up between a few cameras such as the Canon 80D and the Sony A6500 and came to the same conclusion as you that all of those cameras have their strengths and weaknesses but overall to me the G85 won out. It’s a fantastic all rounder, the 12-60 kit lens is great but I’d also strongly recommend getting the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens as well if you can afford it (it’s about $250 – $300 AUS). I was lucky as it came as part of a deal that was going on locally during January and as a 50mm full frame equivalent it’s great for interviews (and portraits) and getting that out of focus background (bokeh) look.

    I’ve also bought your video guide and there are some great tips in there especially relating to gear and audio and getting around the issue of having no headphone jack. To be honest the only real negative issue I have with the camera is the lack of a headphone jack, if it had one I couldn’t fault this camera at all for the price range and I guess that’s what it came down to for me. All cameras are lacking somewhere and so when I found a camera that really only had one major negative for what I shoot and everything else was good to excellent I figured I can’t go wrong.

    One thing I should point out is that I’m in Australia, we’re PAL based like Britain rather than NTSC however we also have the G85 (or as the box says G85M) rather than the G80. Normally we end up with the same model numbers as Europe because of the PAL issue and so I think the only difference between the 85/80 is the record time restriction, unlike Europe we don’t have any record time limitations.

    However at the beginning of the video you mention the frame rate as another difference. I don’t know about the US and European versions but the Australian version of the G85 can shoot 4K at 30/25/24 1080p at 60/50/30/25 and 720p at 30/25 so it does both NTSC and PAL in all resolutions. I guess that might be what the M indicates on the box, that is shoots all rates, because as you say the US G85 only does the NTSC rates and the G80 only the PAL rates.

    On this note I haven’t played with 4K Photo yet, I believe the G80 only shoots 4K photo at 25fps rather than the 30fps the US gets and I’d imagine that if we get both options in video 4K hopefully our 4K Photo mode opts for the 30fps as well.

    BTW I also heard that for some reason the camera is named the G81 in Germany but I have no idea what the difference is there of why they needed to differentiate it.

  2. Great video! I bought the camera a month ago, and I´m very satisfied with it! I´ve posted some videos to showcase It´s 4K capabilities, so please check it out if you want to see some test footage :)

  3. Hi Caleb,

    thanks for your video and the G85 Tutorial, this really helps a lot!! I just got one question regarding this video: what kind of turntable do you use for the product shots? It seems to be very smooth and slow, this is what i´m searching for a long time. All the turntable that i use tend to twitch at low speeds. Can you just give me a hint on this?

  4. Goodnight, loved the review. But I was wondering in your professional opinion would you choose the Panasonic g85 over the Sony a6300? I know you did a review and comparison with the a6300 before but issues and all which would you choose seeing as they are basically the same price currently?

  5. I picked up the G85 (A really great kit bundle with lens and extras) for my channel, and so far I am loving it! I purchased it after nearly 4 months of painstakingly working my way through every camera I could get information on, trying to find a camera that could match my criteria. Because this camera will be used for traveling, I found the G85 to match almost perfectly with my needs. I also purchased your master video for the camera and have been working my way through it slowly, trying to memorize the details I will need to get the camera to perform optimally while I travel. Thank you for posting your review of the G85! I feel even more confident with my purchase.

  6. Caleb, thank you so much for this review. Your videos have inspired me to take the dive into videography and you've pretty much just sold me on the G85.

    One thing you haven't mentioned though is the recording bit rate. At 60fps, doesn't it record at 24mbps? vs the GH4s 100mbps? Is that not a concern? I was worried that would impact the quality for professional use.

  7. Perfect vid and the best G85 vid review I've seen. Mine's coming in tomorrow and definitely glad I'm upgrading from the G7. The weather proof and IBS are the biggest features I'm looking forward to.

  8. Have you tried the Canon M5?

    I'm looking to buy my first "real" camera, and I wonder it compares to the Panasonic G85 (you've got me seriously considering the Panasonic cameras). They're roughly in the same price range. And since your videos are full of really helpful information, I thought you might have an opinion.

  9. I can't trust any reviews this guy makes! I bought a G7 and it has yet to smoke all sexy-like for footage! Which one of these function buttons is programmed to the smoke machine???

  10. The way I look at it with the 80D is – if you don't care for 4k, and don't need in body IS, I think you'd be better off going with the 80D. It's got the flippy touch screen, and paired up with it's amazing DPAF face tracking abilities, you really can't go wrong with it, and pairing it up with an STM lens. The face tracking is simply outstanding with the 80D.
    But, the G85 certainly has some big advantages with the 4k video, no time limit with recording, and in body IS.
    Both are great options and serve their purposes.
    Great review, as usual! You make my Tuesdays better :)

  11. Hello, have been watching you since the 0-50$ led panels so you might have uploaded a video covering this (as I found some videos that really help ofcourse) but I just want to ask because I wanna buy the right thing xD
    Im studying Audiovisual Design and Im in my orientation year (first year) but since there are so many cameras I dont really know what to buy. What is the best camera for short films (fiction or documentation) in a price range from 0 – 1000$? Im really sorry if you have already made a video about this but just want to make sure…

  12. Great review. Thanks dude. I've been interested in the camera, but I'm kinda saving for the GH5 right now. Maybe later i'll look at used prices to replace my GH3, which is still just fine for 1080p shooting. By the way, beautiful family, enjoy them!

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