Panasonic GH4 vs Canon 70D

by Staff July 7, 2016 at 7:09 am

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  1. All the noise on the gh4 in low light kills me. I bought the 80d, i like it a lot for a secondary camera. i'm interested in seeing the gh5. or some full frame canon cameras that are compatible with my 5d mark iii that has a (swivel screen) lol and great autofocusing during videos. I definitely have a lot more to learn to make the right choices. thanks for the video.

  2. I shot with the 70D (videography) for a season and now have the GH4… The GH4 is the better camera, at least for videographers. With the GH5 coming B&H has them for right above a grand right now. The auto focus on the GH4 also blows the 70D away. If you have any questions on both let me know, they are both good cameras for entry level photographer/videographer. The GH4 in my opinion is just a better camera.

  3. Hi! First of all I want to tell u that yours videos ar amazing, I use to see many of them. On a second place I want to know one thing… I have a Canon 70d (it´s a good camera, good quality) but I want to by a second one just to do slow motion (for snowboardin. I realy want to do a profesional one). Do u think the GH4 would work? And do you think a ring adaptor would be a good idea so I can use my canon lenses into the GH4?
    Thank u so much and keep it working like u do.
    Greetings from Argentina!!

  4. for me the choice is easy, I love the idea of the focus tracking on the Canon. It's more important than anything else. The GH4 has lots of nice features, but if I don't use some of those features, then it's just digital clutter. I like to keep things as simple as possible. 99% of the time my subject are moving around, and I'm desperately trying to keep them in focus. So great video quality doesn't help me much if the subject is out of focus. I'm not keen on the weight of the Canon, and the SLR aspect to it, but I'm willing to put up with that.

  5. I do vlogging, and I need to decide between these two cameras. I also like film making. I want the canon 10-18mm lens, and I am willing to buy the metabones adaptor for the GH4 if I choose to buy it. The only setback is the auto-focus, which should I get?

  6. I've got a weird idea, do you think it would be possible to make a full frame camera with micro four thirds mount? And build-in speedbooster to spread the light on the sensor, soo m43 lenses with awesome lowlight? :)

  7. everyone goes on about tracking.I have only used the 49 auto focus points with no problem with loss of focus.also the lenses selection is bigger than canon.don't forget .when you set your apiture to say are really at the equivalent of f5.6 with full frame depth of field.gh4 is the only camera I take video with.

  8. man these videos are so confusing. i was all ready to pull the trigger on the GH4.( its got nothing but raving reviews), but after seeing the focus tracking in this video?? holy fucking shit!! is it really this terrible? the gh4 couldnt even focus on a still object with the camera on a tripod!!!

    oh well.

  9. The Canon 70D is overpriced. I can get a better looking video using lighting and color correction, for around $600 tops (Using a Canon T3i). Gh4 is obviously better than my T3i, but it's also $1000 more expensive (body only). If I could afford a Gh4, I would get it in a heart beat, but price to quality wise, I'm cheering for my T3i.

  10. Your comparison is a little GH4-sided as I mentioned that you were using IPB format instead of ALL-i when shooting with the 70D. I am a 70D user but I do appreciate GH4's performance, yet, i have to say I can get much sharper result than yours shown in the this video.

  11. I literally still cannot decide between these two cameras uhh, my only problem with going with the gh4 is that its not a full framed camera and it has fewer lenses to choose from, its auto focusing also worries me. I also don't like how the canon does not have a headphone jack and does not allow u to control with smartphone in video mode. I am more serious about video but i want a good photo camera as well and idk if the gh4 will provide that :/

  12. seruis videographer, I think the autofocus does matter when running a one man crew and putting it on a glidecam where you can't focus and use the glidecam at the same time

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