Panasonic GH5 Camera Review

by Staff March 31, 2017 at 2:13 pm

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  1. “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943
    “Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” — William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, British scientist, 1899.
    You, 17:28 "Who's gonna shoot 12.800"…

    Hahaha, some of us are always in this kind of situation my friend. That's why we use the.. you know which camera.

  2. "Think it's one of the best options for video at this price point"
    So non committal! Have some god damn conviction.
    It is the best video camera at this price point period.
    It it one of the best video cameras period.

    People on YouTube use too many qualifiers in sentences.

  3. Err no its not the first, the Leica SL has now been out for over a year with 4K 4:2:2 10-bit format. However Leica work hand in glove with Panasonic so no surprise there. The GH5 is a great camera and it costs a fifth of the price of a Leica SL 😉

  4. If this had a FF sensor there's no way it would have the amount of features it has at the price point it's charging. FF mirrorless is priced substantially higher without having nearly as much in terms of video features or even still features (no dual cards, no fully articulating screen, no touch screen, no joystick, etc). An equivalent FF sensor specced out like this would cost at least 2x this and you'll have larger, heavier, and probably more expensive lenses. FF has its uses and applications but it's not always FF or bust.

  5. A couple of comments:

    IMO you can't review still image sharpness with in-camera jpegs unless you turn down the baked-in noise suppression. Panasonic tends to be very aggressive with their default settings. Look at raw files or turn that noise suppression down.

    Although the zoom lens you tested is new, there are better options for m43 if you are evaluating quality and/or need more options in depth of field control. Fast (f1.2) primes also allow you to shoot in lower light without raising the iso.

  6. Nice review. I've had the GH5 for eight days now. I'd also highlight the following noteworthy features – the GH5 has both waveforms and vector scope. As for video autofocus, it's very tuneable. You can dial in sensitivity and focus speed – I'm sure you just left it at the default, and being new, hardly anyone knows about it (p 167 in the manual).

  7. The autofocus isn't going to rock, but I question what autofocus setting you were using in that shot. The fact you didn't mention specifically what type of autofocus settings you were using makes me wonder if it was operator error?

  8. Objectively, the camera is a homerun and I expect sales to reflect that. Absolutely usable up to ISO 3200 for video.I personally think one of the drawbacks of the Sony a7 success (I own one) is the increasing obsession with pixel peeping noise. The video footage from it, properly exposed is absolutely gorgeous.

    For the record, grading footage with FilmConvert by default adds noise to the footage. So if you shoot vlog-l, and color correct it in say Resolve, THEN grade using FilmConvert, you just added noise/grain. it's part of the look of the grading software.

    The fairest review of this camera should be a shoot and process by hand. And as recommended by Panasonic apply NR as needed. vlog-l by design is not clean out of the camera.

    But to be fair, neither is Sony slog2 or slog3. Those are also noisy gammas, not talked about a such because the sony are still super clean camera but absolutely slog is also a noisy gamma. Hopefully, it grades out, but not always.

    Anyway, too man features to go over on this camera. But, imo, I think it's a homerun and other manufacturers have a tough road to plough this year.

  9. Great to see some Panasonic love here! I don't think I'll make the jump ( I have a GH4) but this definitely is interesting! Also as side note Just as viewer I was totally confused on the ISO tests I had to rewind it to figure out you were testings STILL ISO ( should be obvious lol ) so when the second iso test came up I was like what???. maybe post up a video tag that says still's and video' ISO. anyhow not complaining just suggestion.

  10. Good vid that explains some specs I was interested in. With that MFT kit lens you seem a bit limited. Let's not forget how easy it is to build out on that body – speedbooster and attach nice Canon/Nikon glass and a good rig with matte box. Interesting possibilities here at very low cost.

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