Panasonic GH5 Preview: 4K/60P & 6K/24P!

by Staff January 28, 2017 at 11:57 am

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  1. Extremly interesting. For me as an hobbyist the GH5 seems way out of my financial reach at the moment. But it makes me wonder, which of those features will be present in the hopefully coming G90 for less money :).  Enough time to save some money until this will be released. Love your shows and great presentations. You both are a really nice team.

  2. i just bought Panasonic G85 before GH5 was announced, if i knew it, i would save up more money and wait for GH5.
    G85 is working fine, but it got no headphone jack, that's why.

  3. What did you mean when you said you hope Panasonic has a better track record with releasing features as a software update than Tesla? In my experience Tesla has had a great track record with this. I own every GHx camera and a Tesla. Love both companies.

  4. The magazines suggest the Nikon D500 at the same price is a better buy. If you are familiar with that camera would you say the video is better on GH5, but the stills especially sports is better on the D500, so if you are going to most of one of the other you would choose that way? Love your reviews, I follow you, I shall be taking up more video and photography this year starting with your ebooks for portrait and landscape as I am based in Bangkok

  5. Silly Question, Does any camera with GPS auto adjust the time according to your travelling commitments. I Dont seee why not and also auto synching the time to the GPS servers. Could be a good feature as how many time I have goe from the UK to the USA and forgotten to set the time zone !! Doh !!

  6. Hi
    This camera looks really awesome.. However, as a Canon shooter… I only have ef lenses!
    I've read about the metabones speedbooster and for what I understand, i should be able to use af on my ef lenses in this set-up?

    How good does this work? And does the tracking, face detection, etc work in video with a metabones-ef setup?

    Will i be able to touch focus via My smartphone in wi-fi just like with the Canon 5d iv?

    I hope you can answer My questions!
    These af specs is important for me since i want to use the camera for multipurpose like vlog and filmmaking.
    Love your vids, has helped My a LOT in the past and still does!
    Thanks Tony and Chelsea! You rocks!

  7. Do you recommend getting the kit lens leica 12-60 mm or getting a speedbooster and say a sigma 18-35 mm lens? I want to buy the GH5 mostly for videos? Is buying the Mitakon Lens Turbo II a good value for the price? Thanks

  8. Tony, I am curious. Did you see Griffin Hamond's short film "Hand Cut" which was shot with the gh5 at 60fps? If so, what did you think of that film? It was likely one of the first if not the first film ever shot with a gh5.

  9. Thanks for all the info, Tony! Appreciated. Would love to see a detailed comparison (with footage) of the Sony A6500 and GH5! If you're run & gun videographer and shooting in various light conditions, which would you recommend?

  10. If I remember correctly the E-M1 II has phase detection and a superior autofocus system like the a6500 does. Why isn't this mentioned in the comparison between the GH5 and E-M1 II?

  11. tony, your reviews are always awesome—the best, IMO. But I do have a question for you that you did not seem to touch on.
    Has Panasonic color improved on the GH5? I owned a GH4, and it was okay with color (tolerable) but I was shooting mostly Sony video cams, and grew to hate the Sony color so much switched to Canon. (This was not a knee jerk decision since I shot Sony cams–video only–for eight years).
    I'm happy with the Canon video color but the big Canon cams also have big Canon lenses.
    I love shooting with the 1DXII, but the weight does me in—and I hate carrying every thing and hate having to shoot on a tripod.
    Canon stabilization for fast lenses is virtually non-existent. So, shooting F4 stabilized hand held is about all you can do.
    I haven't tested it, but shooting with the smaller, faster MFT lenses makes me think these cams might be pretty equal at low light hand held with the Canon stabilized F4 lenses.
    If the faster stabilized lenses of the GH5 would work well in low light and the color is close to Canon (esp. skin tones), I think, from a weight point of view, I would seriously consider switching to the lighter, more run and gun Panasonic.
    What do you think?

  12. I have no idea why Panasonic has to pack so many VIDEO features in a camera with a Photographic body. The world knows that the GH4 was 90% more popular with videographers than photographers, amongst other things because the sensor took horrible JPGS (for those like me that work with mix media) but it was great for 4K video shoots. I ended up buying a OMD M5 Mark2 for my photo shoots and selling my GH4 since I could get better results from a BMPC 4K or Even my BM Pocket. Looks like Olympus may signal the GH5 demise.

  13. "There are little things the EM1 mark II has, like compact size"


    How about PDAF? Full rez image capture at 60 fps with RAW/JPEG? 18 fps with C-AF?

    Not taking anything away from the GH5, it's truly the mirrorless video king, but the EM1 is a better still camera.

  14. Tony, we all acknowledge that Panasonic is a leader when it comes to shooting video but many of us are more interested in stills. Have you considered doing a side by side comparison with the Olympus E-M1 Mark ll for those of us not interested in video?

  15. Why the comparison to the APC-S camera (A6500)? Why not compare it to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II? If both are MFT units, what's the point involving the Sony? I'm getting tired of seeing video capturing as a priority in these cameras.

  16. Cant decide if we're going to get the C100 MKii or wait for this… We mostly shoot product videos, no cinema grade stuff. We currently use the 5D Mk3, but want an upgrade.

  17. I hope the continous autofocus will be decent and /or Sony announces something competitive before The GH5 is released..I want 4k 60p.
    Does anybody know if it is full HD at 180 or upsacaled like the Sony a6500

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