Photography 101 with Jeff Cable

by Staff June 3, 2016 at 8:07 am

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  1. Very informative and entertaining. I am just starting out in photography and picked up a lot from this and your other presentations at this level. Cheers :)

  2. Thank you Jeff, I am new to photography and this has been the most informative, helpful video, and I have been watching them all, ever! I really appreciate your clear direct style and helpful tips.

  3. Hello , I don't have any idea about photography and how to use the professional camera , help me please how to start and if there is any courses on YouTube .

  4. Thanks, jeff, learned a lot! Not sure about these negative comments, I know aperture things already and still learned from watching you talk about how you adjusted and set it for your shot. Now feeling confident to use it myself and get out of auto! Thanks!

  5. This is NOT 101. This is simply… a slideshow of look at how good I am at taking shots to an audience that are possibly new to photography.
    Within the first few minutes, you mention aperture and I am sure the majority of your class had no idea what you were talking about.
    You may be good at photography, but you have lots of work to do on how to teach people how to take shots.

  6. Yes I did learn some great tips from this video ,but I have to question at what point do you honestly believe that you are that amazing enough to have your name embroidered onto your shirt ……. I mean who do these people think they are Picasso…? :/

  7. Nice to know that even though I'm not formally trained, I've figured out pretty much all of this stuff on my own through trial and error. 🙂 For the longest time I was convinced all my strategies are completely unconventional. lol

  8. Jeff, I wish I could carry you around in my pocket for quick advice!!!! Thank you for these videos, you have truly helped me.  I find myself nodding a lot, things I know but need to be reinforced.  Thank you again. 

  9. I'm new to photography and loving it. I've been watching a lot of these seminars on you tube. My question is about Full frame vs crop cameras. I have a a rebel T3i. I am interested in landscape photography and wonder if spending the money on a wide angle lens is really worth it for use on this camera body? If it is worth it what lens do you recommend for this camera? Or a lens that, if i buy a full frame camera, would work well with both. tHanks and i really liked the video. I learned new things.

  10. hi i'm a novice amateur photographer and i'm starting to experiment on the focus and recompose technique using single point AF. How good and how efficient is this technique when shooting non action shots? if i lock on the eyes then recompose my shot, would the eyes be tact sharp? thanks for the help.

  11. Love watching your seminars.Just received a nikon 5100 for my birthday. and love taking pictures with it and capturing great moments. but some pictures are still missing that look. what do you recommend for me to get the professional look and knowledge.. (i.e seminars.. courses)
    thanks love the blog and seminars

  12. Duck – This is a tough question. Your best bet is to try and start your photography business while doing another job and testing the waters. I am heading back to B&H one week from today to do another presentation on "How to start a photography business". Watch for that here on YouTube in the next month or so.

  13. i've been obsessed with photography for 10 years or so ish now and my parents think i'm crazy for wanting to do photography as a career. How did you pitch photography to your family? and what was your starter camera?

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