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by Staff September 23, 2016 at 10:43 am

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  1. Thank you so much for the tons of amazing and interesting info you're sharing with us!! just starting with photography (taking lessons) and these videos are extremely helpful! love your communication skills and the educational approach of your material !! keep on with this superb work !

  2. The Iwo Jima image "is a popular image like by many people." Are you serious? Not a line image just because it has a flagpole, as it would've worked if they were lifting a comrade in arms. The Iwo Jima image is a Sculpture and is world famous, (it took you 6 minutes to start with an image), an iconic image that transcends Nationality, and Photography. The Newman Piano image is not a line image, it's about form. You are obviously very intelligent and educated, a Photographic "expert", but therein lies your fault. I have studied line with some artists at an art center in Pasadena, but I don't see real line work here.You seem to be intense and very hasty with your speech, maybe you shouldn't drink express before these videos. Sometimes less is more. I don't have your skill or education, so please take this criticism with a grain of salt. Yet I wouldn't dismiss it.

  3. could not believe that all your good works have only couple of hundred clicks.great work, I stay up until 2:00 am to watch some of your videos, they are simply great and touch the heart of photography. thank you for making all these great videos.

  4. i thought i watched all your videos. then this awesomeness pops up in my feed. thank you, ted

    and i wish that's how flickr worked. but no. it's difficult to find a group built with enough trust that even the most constructive criticism is accept.

    now i have to scoot to work, but i'll finish watching this when i get home

  5. Thank you! Don't remember the photographers you featured here but I will go back and study them. The piano … that one made me say "wow!" Studied art history way back but not so much great photographers. The other one that stood out was the rear view mirror and the girl in the foreground. Seemed to say future and past, where is she going, how does the past shape the future. Subbed and will be watching!

  6. The shot at 7:06 …..

    This is possibly the least interesting shot I've ever seen.
    It's half sea, half sky….and it's level.
    That is all.
    Anyone with a camera can go and take a similar shot.
    Anybody who aspires to being a good photographer would avoid this kind of shot.
    I really don't know why it exists….except maybe to show how good the photographer is at getting his horizons level.

  7. I appreciate all the info you put out there in your videos. One suggestion: Please make your videos shorter and more targeted. 20mins are too long. You can cut down some stuff or even create more than 1 videos on the subject….
    Thank you

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