Photography Flash technique, movement and static with long exposure

by Staff June 5, 2016 at 4:10 am

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  1. +Phillip McCordall It`s definitely an awesome way to enhance your portfolio! I have tried another great technique called multiple exposure. It is tricky to do, but it is worth trying! Basicly you need more than one flash (i`ve used 2 but they fired 3 times) and a multichannel triggers, for example Pocket Wizard. My studio was quite small, so i`ve set up two lights, one on the left and one on the right side pointed at 45 towards the model, and assigned different chanels to them. So when the model starts her move on the left you fire the flash on the left, then you fire both flashes at the same time when your model is in between them, and finaly you fire the flash on the right as your model finishes with her move. I have used 4-6 seconds long exposure with my flashes set to 1/125. Now the worst thing is, that you will have to manage to press 3 different buttons on the trigger consequently. and it is an absolute madness in the dark! I am sure there is another solution, but anyway the result is fantastic. You should do that and see if you can make a video tutorial. If you would be interested in seing my work please feel free to contact me via Google Plus!

  2. So glad your jokes are terrible but your photography is brilliant and not the other way round. I noticed you have a dark covering on your floor, is this to cut down on reflection?

  3. Phillip McCordal, I'm going to LOVE FOLLOWING AND LEARNING FROM YOU! !! Honestly I don't really catch on as quickly as some people as I have always been a slow learner and was in Learning Disabled classes as a child. I Have ALWAY'S LOVED PHOTOGRAPHY and actually have done professional photo shoot's however a very long time ago though when everything was still 35mm LOL LOL LOL!!! I Realize that I have ALOT TO LEARN!!! AND I THINK THAT I FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE TO LEARN IT AS WELL!!

  4. I've been wanting to try this ever since I first saw this video but I can't get 2nd curtain off camera flash to work on my Canon 70d. I have tried different triggers to include Pocket Wizards. My flash is Canon 580exii. Please tell me If you know, how to get it to work. Thanks.

  5. hahahaha sounds great will keep that in mind

    mannnn im just so happy to finally tell ppl u r never too old to do photos n direct em here

    u r an inspiration

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