Photography Lighting Tutorial (Cloudy Day)

by Staff February 2, 2017 at 12:40 pm

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  1. Don`t put that UV in front of the glass… you will see miracles if you remove it … sharper images .. that`s what I have experienced for over 2 years , and i didn`t know why … until I removed all my filters , and I just take care more of my lenses . Keep it up.

  2. That was an amazing tutorial! You did an awesome job explaining everything…thanks a lot! Oh, and for those concerned about the model's mood….did it ever cross you mind her expression may have been required.

  3. What did you do to piss off the model? If she looks that uncomfortable I would have apologized and just sent her home. BTW the over exposed light over her shoulder (@5:45) does not look good. It pulls your eyes from you model. Also framing is very bland looking..

  4. Great tutorial! Thanks so much! Your unhappy model takes away from the message and information you're sharing though and it's very distracting…you might want to cut away from her whenever you're talking but not shooting. Just a thought, but thanks for your video!

  5. On cloudy days change your colour temp., in your camera and fire weak flash towards the subject, but at arms length up and to the side! On sunny days change the colour temp in camera and fire more flash towards your subject at arms length up and to the side! Simply divide your flash guns guide number by the distance to the subject to get your working aperture! Use this same aperture and match it up to the shutter speed the get your exposure! Most modern dslr's calculate fill in flash for you, so stop complicating the subject and learn to enjoy. Oh, and put her chin were it belongs, slightly down with face slightly to the side! S. Mason LBIPP, LMPA UK!

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