Photography Tips: Get paid for your images

by Staff May 8, 2016 at 9:16 am

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  1. So if someone uploads those stupid "quotes" images from Facebook, that take around 5 seconds to read, they'll get paid for it? Is there some sort of filter or administration reviewing images?

  2. Sounds great, but it doesn't seem to work very well (yet). I still haven't received a mail to confirm my registration in spite of several attempts. There is a list of frequently asked questions, which is good! But apparently there are no answers to them…

  3. It sounds great, but the problem I see is with every other photo sharing website. People post other peoples work and get more hits than the legitimate photographers. They just search google images and get a plethora of content that takes them seconds to generate when it took me years to accumulate the few great shots I may have. There's no real way to protect against that, that I know of…

  4. Thank you for promoting a great idea! I joined today as well as the FB group. I suggest adding Pinterest as a social site to be able to link to as well.

  5. Unfotunately doesn't want to work for me. I have tried to create an account but the activation email is not coming through, despite several attempts. Have checked junk folder.

  6. It would be cool if you could make a video where you pick some images from the community (from clickasnap, instagram or whatever they're being submitted with) and then share your opinion on them or give some tips etc…

  7. How do you know when you need to have a model release? For example, would you need that with the busker photo? Or do you only need it if the person is a professional model?

    Do I have to have a digital camera, or can I scan photos made from negatives or slides?
    Sorry, I don't use Facebook to post my questions there.

  8. I like the idea, but I do have a concern: I tried uploading a couple photos. The website downgraded the quality quite significantly. The colors are washed out, the resolution was downgraded, etc.

    Is that a space-saving measure? And will that be fixed? I tried downsizing from a 2MB file to a 500KB file, and that did not change the end result of the upload.

  9. @Mike Browne I uploaded one of my photos to clickasnap and when I click on the photo to zoom I see it crops the picture. This cuts off the one persons face a little – perhaps the next update will resolve this bug.

  10. Oh my good, my photo of my dog Oskar is also on your Home Screen. I thought is only on my home acreen. That's so cool!

  11. Thanks so much for the info on this new opportunity Mike, it sounds great! I totally agree with changing the file name and adding a description however it would be great if the system had the ability to pull the tags from ITPC data on the file. I say this because I spend a great deal of time tagging my photos in the ITPC space of the file which saves a lot of time when posting an image to a site like 500px as you don't have the re-tag it again. For those user that don't tag there files they'd still have the opportunity to do so during or after the file has been uploaded to the site, just a something to think about. Nevertheless this sounds like a great ground level opportunity and I know that if you're involved it has to be a good thing.

  12. If I am reading those profit per picture numbers correctly, you would have to leave a picture up for years and hope it gets a lot of views to make any real money. Doesn't sound all that appealing to me. If I am overlooking something, please correct me.

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