Photography Tips: Mirrorless Cameras Fuji XT-1 PT.3

by Staff April 11, 2017 at 3:07 pm

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  1. should think most users know but you can switch off the pre-view & the evf switches off and you can use it like an optical viewfinder – I programmed one the less used buttons and can switch between – very useful if you are using flash and the scene is not registering well with the electronic viewfinder switched on. One plus I find is being able to view the menu through the viewfinder rather than only on the back LCD screen – on sunny days works a treat – great series of vids & I bought the XT-1 because of it.

  2. Mike, you should upload the video of you shooting with the XT1, even if the sound is bad. With a lot of sound processing like EQ, EQ, EQ, some compression, and some audio restoration, it could be listenable and watchable?

  3. Hi Mike, Love your work, and can I get in touch with you on email maybe? I am a real newbie in this photography world and I just want to know more from you since you r using the same XT-1 like me, but honestly… I still don't have a clue on how to make picture sharp especially on landscape. FYI, I used to shoot with my iPhone 6+ and a friend of mine said that I should get this awesome mirrorless system from Fuji. So let me know if you have time coaching me about beginner Photographer.
    Thank you and greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  4. 6:40 Canon has them on almost all their cameras. And it's not as basic as the one you have there. Canon's flip all the way out and around. You could use them to take photos around corners, with nothing but the camera sticking out.

  5. I just came across this series. As a Fuji shooter I think there are some myths need dispelling really. Firstly, the EVF can be decoupled from showing a live exposure view if you wish – personally I like it, but I guess its horses for courses. Secondly, someone said the JPGs were too saturated, well dial back the saturation in camera if thats the case. Most people love the colour range and depth straight from the sensor, but you can control this in camera if you wish. I have stopped shooting RAW for the most part now because I usually end up with something that looks worse than the cameras own image processing engine produces. Lastly, AF performance. This is something that is laid at the door of mirrorless cameras a lot, but trust me it's getting better now. In fact the V4 firmware update for the XT-1 gives it the same AF capabilities as the X-T10 which is really very fast AF. On the X-T10 you can enable performance mode, and also Pre-AF which gives almost instant focus performance at the expense of some battery life.
    I would say that a lot of the gripes levelled at the Fuji could be addressed by understanding the cameras builtin capabilities more, there is a lot of control in those menus.
    I have come from 20 years of shooting Canon and the Fuji is a revelation once you get the setup to your liking, but how is that different from any DSLR?
    Live with it as Mike says, you'll grow to love it, and you will certainly see the deficiencies you might see to start with are easily controlled in camera once setup.

  6. Marked aperture ring on a variable aperture lens… That would be difficult. Maybe an lcd above the ring, but still difficult. It is a bit of a shame you did not use the wonderful Fujinon primes.
    New firmware 4.0 improved AF considerably as you probably now by now.

  7. Thank you so much for a fun and very information series on mirrorless cameras, while featuring the Fuji X-T1. I've been considering buying one of these cameras and (even though I've pretty much settled on getting one) you're review/comments helped me a lot. I appreciate your honest and non-technical (!!) presentation. While technology is climbing, prices aren't going down, so I really appreciate your extremely helpful video.

  8. Very good review on this camera. I remember the last comment I made you said this camera would be too slow for moving things like birds and the like. However, I have been eyeing these mirrorless Sony cameras which boast some of the fastest AF (179 AF points and 11 FPS). Have you checked out these recent ones?

  9. Hi Mike. I'd love if you could test drive the Olympus m43 system. Lenses are superb, smaller and lighter that the Fujis, and cameras also have features not found in any other mirrorless system, like specifics for long exposure, fireworks, star trails, etc. I find them a landscape photographer's dream camera. You should check them out.

  10. Hi Mike

    Thanks for awesome video, plan to buy fuji x-t1 next month. And to all concern who comment on this video. Thanks a lot. It really help for a beginner like me.

  11. Whatever Mike lacks in tech prowess its more than made up by the astounding images he produces.
    Fuji must be very glad of what he has done with their camera, unlike many other "expert" reviewers that just spew specs but cant take a picture to save their lives.

  12. Hello Mike, great video. I am a Nikkon shooter, recently upgraded to FX, bought myself an used D700, sigma 24-70/2.8 but, I find this combi bit heavy. Thinking of moving to mirrorless mainly bcos of EVF and weight, may be sony A7. I love everything about my D700 but the weight. Pls comment.

  13. I've been shooting my FujiX-Pro1 now for about a year and a half. I only shoot primes so the problem you have with the aperture ring is not there. Primes have the same aperture ring as the old film camera lenses. I have also gotten use to the focusing technique you need to use with these Fuji's. I believe the prime lenses focus faster than the zooms too. (other than the 60mm) Try it with the 35mm or 56mm to see if your experience improves. You will just have to put up with 'zooming with your feet. Lastly, with the X-Pro1 (and X100s) I have the option of an electronic viewfinder or and optical viewfinder. The really great thing about the optical viewfinder is that when I take a shot, there is no 'black out' time and there is no interruption to my view of the scene. Maybe try the new X100T. Fixed focal length of 23mm and a fantastic new electronic shutter option.
    These guys just take a little more dedicated learning to understand their nuances but once you get past them, they make fantastic travel gear. One last thing about my X-Pro1 and X100s, I love the rangefinder feel of these cameras. I will never be able to get into the Leica system for street and travel work but these give me a close approximation of what it would be like to have a true rangefinder and considering the price difference between the 2 systems, I can quite easily live with that.
    Thanks for you review and keep them coming.
    John Grubb

  14. One note regarding the recessed buttons which i think i will be considering is to buy some "Sugru" which is a type of Silicone Rubber which looks pretty awesome. I heard a photographer say that is how he got around the issue. Certainly worth considering.

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