Photography Tips: Sunset Disappointment PT1

by Staff January 28, 2017 at 12:39 pm

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  1. I really like your tutorials Mike wish I was back in England to join one of your courses . Greetings form a small island in the Aegean Sea. Where I live and do most of my photography & art . The sunsets in summer are amazing. Its like watching a slideshow every day with different colour combinations straight from my house.

  2. Love it when a plan falls over :0) Is this becoming a trend in your videos?
    I'm very much an opportunist when out with the camera: Most of my favorite photos have just happened without much planning or forethought on my part.
    Last summer the poppies at Polly Joke had a year off & didn't bloom; but faulty intelligence saw a bunch of us drive over on a fine, but cloudy, evening to photograph them.
    One bloke got straight back in his car, "I came to shoot poppies & there's no poppies": "Aren't you going to stay for the sunset?"; "Seen one sunset, you've seen 'em all".
    He missed one of the finest Apocalypseses I've ever captured.
    Not to mention a pint or two in the Bowie Inn.

  3. As always great video Mike
    Just come back from failed photo trip round castle Semple loch up here in Scotland, heavy rain, fell in the mud, didn't get anything except muddy gear and a sore back but you keep at it !!
    Looking forward to part two

  4. Thanks Mike – especially for the thought process explanations. Got up at stupid o'clock yesterday to get some shots at a place I'd picked out. Driving there way before sunrise the clouds were starting to appear black and red and gold. Was getting excited. Got off a couple of shots and was doing the ritual wait for the sun to pop up. And it started snowing… I don't mind standing in the snow, but could barely see 100 ft. And that was that! Glad to know everyone goes through the useless weather forecast disappintments :)

  5. Polariser, ND and ND grads might have helped here. A longer exposure could have sorted out the waves. But the lack of clouds does hinder the scene.

    Always used to shoot RAW. But now RAW + JPG, the output from my X-T1 is that good a lot of the time. It feels great to have the shot right out of the camera. But the situation in Mike's vid is definitely one where I'd be editing the RAW files.

  6. I was on a trip to cayo largo, Cuba. wake up call 3:30 in the morning, 4 times, to get my stuff and go to the beach, view to the southern Cross, waiting for the milky way. rain, clouds, stormy weather….

    but had kind of luck, the pool-bar was still open xD…

  7. Hi Mike, do you keep your files in RAW in Lightroom and Photoshop to be saved as PSDs or do you convert to TIFFs? I've a few people suggesting converting to TIFF so Adobe doesn't take over some elements in you photograph. There are also a few actions on the internet to reduce a copy of the TIFF in size and sharpen them for the Internet, meaning no one can steal them to print off. As usual a brilliant video, showing that even on a bad day you can get the all important practice in.

  8. I had a thought…. used my building block….. what if you got even lower ? Would the sun and trees show up as a reflection in that puddle? It wasn't rippling like the big pond so maybe? I can't try it out here yet as I'm living in frozen northern Michigan but I'm going to try that this spring. Love your videos, er films. Thanks.

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