Photriya Photography Tutorials-3-Outdoor Lighting and Techniques

by Staff July 8, 2016 at 7:48 am

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  1. ThanQ బ్రదర్… నాకు ఒక కొత్త టిప్ చెప్పినందుకు… మీ టిప్ నాకు చాల యూస్ అవుతుంది

  2. sir nice and useful tutoria but no tutorials last few month waitng for ur tips video.and meru eppudu class's yekkada tesukuntunaru i want to join your class's plz dayachesi teliya cheyagalaru my no 9014379945

  3. thnq sir meeru chappina anni vishayalu neenu use chaisthanu meru thisena pics anni neenu chustha me vallai photography chala bhaga telusukuntunnanu thnq sir

  4. i have a doubt here, u suggest to capture portraits against the sun, but it often turns out to be a silhouette pic when i capture against sun… how do i fix it?

  5. Hi sir i got Canon 600D, i need some tips after video shoot on my cam, while playing in computer its getting struck and noise on video would you give me tips to avoid those Problems.

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