POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 1 – Fashion Modeling Poses for Beginners – Tips and Tricks – Test Photoshoot

by Staff March 3, 2016 at 11:49 am

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  1. hellooooo i decided to be a model for photoshoots but i really really need how to have a beautiful smile when i look at the camera .. and beautiful angle when i smile .. hope you replyyy thankss :*

  2. Hi, good day to you. Thanks for your video as I really appreciated you sharing your technique in looking for triangles on your model's pose. Never thought of that approach.

    Looking forward on learning more from your channel.

  3. well im a model, and i really needed this so yeah thank you so much <3 but i have a a big forehead so please can you tell us how to avoid it ?

  4. Superb video! Very informative and useful, a great resource for modeling poses for beginners! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks. More power!

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