Product Photography Tips: A DIY Approach to Professional Photography

by Staff July 10, 2016 at 7:49 am

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  1. awesome.. so simple and inexpensive. still to get a very professional looking photograph. thanks a bunch! also the lady in the video is very pretty :)

  2. i like your tutorial but i am more in love with your video (what filter did you use to get the nice effect on whole video) subtle Look.. pleaseeee help any one

  3. Like the simple tools.
    I wish it covered how to make the items look uniform across my product line. For example, in the shoot, she had one flavor. I wonder how to make similar photos across different flavors.

  4. Something she doesn't mention in the video is that she's over-exposing by about 2 stops. It helps get those really white backgrounds and reduces the amount of editing you'll need to do. I tend to over-expose by one stop to reduce blown out whites, and do the rest on my computer. Happy shooting everyone!

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