Product Photography Tutorial by Karl Taylor – EP#011

by Staff January 20, 2017 at 12:25 pm

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  1. Awesome tutorial. Would be nice to see a DIY version of this though, I think if one is watching a tutorial like this chances are that they're learning and aren't at the level of being able to afford this kind of equipment yet.
    Nevertheless the explanation of your thought process still makes this a very valuable tutorial. Thanks again!

  2. amazing video! the result before Photoshop is impressive. I guess the cheapest way to get a "similar" lighting set up would be to move around one light and blend the shots in Photoshop ?

  3. Subscribe to our Chanel… nice one Karl.

    Anyway it's a great video showing how deep photography can go in mastering light. Very very informative video.

    For low budgets, you can probably buy one pocket light and do the same process when you showed the different effects of each light, and then merge all the different exposures into one shot…

    … just kidding.

  4. Hi Guys, thanks for all your comments it seems you have really enjoyed this video. Please share it and like as it really will help us to make more in the future. Thank you.

  5. Exciting video… you are teaching us step by step how to enhance features through lightnings and not through Photoshop. Every photographer's dream of such a setup. and not only setup… but Karl..your patience is highlighted here through these much setups. Its too good that you produce such quality videos that even beginners can understand and try such setup.

  6. Karl, a quick question regarding the top diffuser screen your using. I don't have a large diffusion screen, so I would stretch horizontally a roll of diffusion. Besides that it's difficult to have it perfectly horizontal, do you envision any other problems? Just considering if making such a large screen is really worth it over stretching. Cheers

  7. This Is Abousulately Professional Level Of Tutorial.It Will Be Very Interesting To See How You make It Posibble With Home Made Equepments And What Result Comes After.Thank You For Appreciable Tutorial Karl Taylor Sir.

  8. Great tutorial. Shows very clearly how important shaping with light is and how much one can actually do to get the shot right in camera. I've found 'Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting' (Hunter, Biver, Fuqua) very helpful in understanding the nature of light and lighting, and I kept thinking back to it and the theory behind light and lighting as I was watching your excellent tutorial. I'll be watching this one several times, I'm sure. I've got a lot to learn.

    Of course, something as sophisticated as this requires quite a lot of studio equipment, but one can always improvise. I once fashioned a snoot out of a metallic vacuum cleaner extension tube and a powerful led flashlight fitted on the other end, and it worked surprisingly well. So yes, I would also appreciate seeing a video on DIY light modifiers. It would be both interesting and helpful.

    Those Picolites with the projection attachments have almost surgical precision. Impressive.

    Thanks – very much enjoyed this video and found it very, um, illuminating.

  9. Thank you for inviting us to experience your creative insight first hand. You stated it perfectly your equipment of choice might come at a cost more than most could afford if they were not a professional. You are a true professional and I would expect that you would only acquire the best tools of the trade to produce truly professional high quality images. I also appreciate your emphasis on getting most if not all of the job done in camera, photographers photograph subjects and bring them to life with their tools and create interest based on their vision. Photo manipulation has its place but more importantly, time spent looking through the view finder capturing the essence of the scene can prove to be more valuable than spending hours trying to fix what could have been avoided in the first place.
    Great job and thank you for taking the time to explain this shoot.
    Any plans for a NYC Seminar???

  10. Another great work! You're always an inspiration and I "translated" some of your tips and tricks for the German audience by using my own equipment (unfortunately no broncolor ;). Hope that's ok for you! Greetings, Alex ;)

  11. Great video Karl. I'm Indonesian. I always watch your tutorial video, because your explanation is easy to understand. I didn't see you use any light meter to control the light precisely. do you review the light quality by only look at the result on monitor? Thanks a lot.

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