Property Photography Tips: Interior shots, 1 Camera + 1 Flash

by Staff December 18, 2016 at 11:47 am

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm new to interior flash photography, how do you stop the flash from reflecting off the mirror & shiny surfaces? I've bought a Canon 430 EX II & popped a diffuser on but still getting a glare…

  2. yeah layer masking or back in the film days place 2 negs in the enlarger and make a print from them or one could braket for window or take 9 shots and hdr theres choices depends on how ones Style is 🙂

  3. not much needed to be seen outside the window. it is just a gray building on the other side of the street. better to show glowing radiant sunlight than, dull neighbours that could be looking in on you.

  4. one could do the Town and Country magazine route (roll film days) take 2 shots one for the window light and one for room light then layer them together yep its that simple and works 🙂 and with to days computers its sooo much easier too 🙂

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