by Staff July 23, 2016 at 8:19 am

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  1. Whenever I take photos in bright areas with the S7 like the one in the car dealership I tend to bring down the exposure because this phone really does overexpose things too often.

  2. Wow! With proper lighting, I don't see the reason to use a mirrorless with a normal wide angle (FoV 62° to 84° 24mm-35mm full frame equivalent) lens for video over a S7.

  3. Hey Phillip, great video! It really showed the camera quality of the S7 in low light situations perfectly. Are there any differences between the S7 and the S7 Edge camera wise? I was also wondering how the S7 Edge camera would compare to the Xperia Z5 camera. It has more pixels, but in low light situations the Z5 pictures turn out bluish and not that great. And how would the Z5 compare to the S7 Edge in good lighting? By the way, your English accent is spot on

  4. Nice video, great job. But really there's just no point comparing a semi professional camera or full professional camera to a smartphone. The a7 is not even near top of the line for Sony there's the a7s and the a7s 11 before going to the a7r and 11. Even the a500 killed the Samsung completely. The s7 isn't even the best smartphone camera in my own opinion especially when recording video. It's a good phone and good enough for you tube, IG and other social media sites and the likes which really is what smartphone cameras are good for.

  5. would you be interested on making such a comparison with sony's own flagship smartphone? i for one, would really like to see how the two divisions (mobile and camera) or even the two smartphones compare against each other.. i'd greatly appreciate it :)

  6. Great work on this review, I'm really tempted to buy a S7 because I'm due to upgrade my phone soon.
    Where did you learn to shoot and edit video? I'm looking for advice and guidance and I've been following your work for a while now and think it's great

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