Seeing the Light – Photography Tutorial

by Staff January 31, 2017 at 12:38 pm

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  1. Thanks for the video Greg.  I have been taking photos for a while now and i'll be the first to admit I really need to work on seeing the light (which is why i watched this video.  I love how you tell it how it is.

  2. i love photography and i got nikon D3100 i bought it in october…im watching tutorials and i shoot in Manual now…it's difficult to take good photos but im spending hours every day on it..thank you for the tutorial..
    Ps. i want to shoot the stars at night..what settings should i use?

  3. Hi Gregory, have u used any retouching on these photos? and what do u think about retouching at all? hows the photographer etiquette on this subject? i mean, u can really make a photo beuathifull with retouching and color settings. but on the other hand, u might also change the custemors experinance, from that scene or moment. great video btw.

  4. Yes and that was what made that black n white pic so gorgeous. You don't want detail where you don't need it. It will just distract and make the pic busy. 

  5. Great video! This is the first video of your I've watched, but I'll be playing catch-up. While my photos are mainly of objects and not people, lighting is still a critical point in my photography. Thanks so much for the tips!

  6. I dont know why you said that 8:31 was all that great, i think that its very bad composition to put it right in the doorway, it made her look like arms and a head, i would put her against the house or something, but a spot so dark with such a dark shirt, makes it vanish

  7. Love the work you do. Been watching your video more than once. I keep going back to them as reference. I am learning so much. You're always to the point. And I like the "seeing" the photo before you take the photo. Yes, I am constantly watching for lights/shadows even when I am driving on the freeway. I also like all the tech language you use (i.e. spray & pray). Finally, when you going to do a video on studio product photography?

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