Shutterbug Street Test: The New Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR

by Staff August 26, 2016 at 9:30 am

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  1. You chose what may seem an unfortunate sequence of steps to show some features of this camera. You went for 7fps bursts in a failed attempt to capture the jump in its peak and then resorted to 30fps 4k to extract a still when shooting the model while stationary. The converse would have made more sense: can't get a satisfactory 30MP action shot in a 7fps burst? Try 30fps 4K and pick the best 8MP still. Then show how you can transfer a beautiful 30MP landscape or model pic to your phone for community sharing. The way you did it is slightly weird especially when presenting the Wi-Fi connectivity and how "you can post on Instagram right away rather than having to take a shot with your phone to post on Instagram". Ahem, you could surely take that 8MP picture with your phone and upload it without even bothering to take out that 5DmkIV… I know the quality would not be exactly the same but it just came out rather uninspiring and visibly strained from a logical point of view. I think you even realized the awkwardness of what you were trying to sell there and then. Besides, would you really post that photo without first trying to have a good look at it and check if it is up to your standards, if you are a photographer carrying around such an expensive camera-lens combo?

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