Simple Product Photography Tips: 5 Min Portrait

by Staff October 13, 2016 at 11:05 am

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  1. Anybody can't be at ISO 1000 and get quality photos "these days"!  There are many very good quality camera's out there that start to show noticeable noise at ISO 1000.  The GH3 is one that I personally own and ISO 800 is my absolute max before I have to start considering if the extra noise matters for the job.  I reviewed several cameras around the 1,000 dollar price tag (moderate price for a good camera) and out of all of them, none could do ISO 1000 without noticeable noise.  It was never terrible, not even bad, but it was noticeable.  I had to go a bit beyond to the 1,500-4,000 or so price ranges before ISO 1000 actually looked good.  I checked sample images for many different camera models before choosing the GH3 and so I saw a lot of cameras at their different ISO settings.  Consequently, the 5D Mark 3 was the only one that I saw that at max freaking ISO showed very little noise!!!!  Blew my mind…but that camera is way out of my budget AND it actually falls short on the video features compared to the GH3 in many ways.

  2. Pardon me if I'm wrong, the story you don't tell is that you'll not get that nice out-of-focus background without a decent piece of glass. Kit lenses are going to be of limited uses.

  3. He explained in the video that this is for quick photos for something on eBay or  Etsy or something comparable. Obviously, you're not trying to get into a catalogue or ad with these shots. It shows what it needs to. The "high" ISO isn't a big deal because these are meant to be maybe 900px wide on a computer screen. So calm the heck down.

  4. I love these videos but I wouldn't consider this "product photography". Yes you are taking a picture of a "product" but it's not the same. Jared does say that this is a simple shoot but maybe the title could have been different.

  5. Why not just use a tripod, then use the lowest possible ISO, then use a remote shutter release with the mirror locked to reduce shake?

    That way it wont be a problem, even if you have to go down to a 1-2 second exposure. The image will have less noise/ grain, and more detail. I wish someone could make a gigapixel camera that could deliver on the resolution. I am a big fan of megapixels, because you never know when you might want to look at a detail in the photo, for example, you take a photo of something, then you notice something "ooooh that person took a picture of his or her home office, and it seems that are building a precision current source, I wonder what model of op-amp they are using?"

    Or someone takes an image of their yard. "ohh, what a nice picture of a back yard, is that a squirrel in the distance?, lets zoom into 100% to find out, awwww the squirrel is so cute , especially how the squirrel is giving the middle finger to that bird in the distance. I wonder what they are angry about, looks further, hmm it seems that the bird scratched the squirrels bluray disk" 🙂

    can never have enough resolution :)

  6. Great to see 5 minute portraits back.

    Personally I would like to see some people shots using a single speed-light illustrating different lighting angles, bare vs diffused light, different diffuser options etc.

    You wouldn't need to go into too much detail about some of the stuff, that way it could work as a good advert for your flash guide.

    It would be great to see you out of the loft and shooting somewhere too.

  7. I find this very in a way cosmically ironic. The reason being after I pretty much ruined my photography business coupled with the recession 4 years ago I just grew out of in a way despised anything photography but now coming to my senses im back to photography and starting all over this is a great video especially since I only have a cheap camera now instead of the fancy dslr I had to sell off to pay bills. But oddly the most experience I have is in product photography.

  8. good video. goes to show that you can use minimal equipment and still get great product shots without spending a bunch of time and cash on a studio lighting setup. even though the elitists will tell you that you're doing it all wrong wrong wrong!

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