Six quick tips to improve your digital photography

by Staff October 31, 2016 at 11:39 am

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  1. Your missing on lighting angle, I use a kodac 360 led light it can dim right down, so you can use direct 52k light or change it to 3600k from dim to very strong, it has allowed me to use a second tripod for lighting any where as it only uses to batteries. just an Idea.

  2. Hi, I just all my camera (Canon) equipment, and I'm replacing it with Nikon d750. I don't have money to buy the Sigma 24-104 f4 like you suggested in your review. what would you recommend to use with the d750 until I can get the Sigma?

    Also, I just order your book on Amazon, wish I find your channel sooner.

  3. Hey Tony. @49ersClub here (you will find me on Twitter and Instagram by that username).

    I have now bought my copy of 2 books:
    (1) How to Create Stunning Digital Digital Photography (SDP). I don't intend to sound creepy, but thanks for sharing your gorgeous co-photographer and the love of your life (Chelsea N) with us. She is a stunning model, fun of ideas and creativity.

    (2) Photography Buying Guide.

    Just to make sure that I clarify: I am not affiliated, related with or to, associated with, connected to, nor have I been paid or incentivised to provide this positive feedback.

    I have reviewed countless hours of the T&C videos, and i decided having these books in my library is beneficial, as I can read anywhere, without having to depend on internet connectivity.

    I have been an Canon APS-C DSLR user for years, and I am now upgrading to Full Frame.
    Interestingly, I still have my Canon 55 SLR (roll film for those who have only ever used DSLR).

    Tony's tutorials are extremely beneficial.What can I say about Chelsea! Loads, and I quite like her (in a professional way lol)!

    I hope you guys pay Madelyn for her work lol.

  4. Hey, thank you so much for your tutorials. You guys are doing a great work. I was wondering, could you also do a tutorial for sony cybershot dsc hx400v? That'd be such a great help!

  5. Hi Guys. I am chairman of a Camera Club in Spain and wondered if you would mind if I show some of your Youtube Videos at our club meetings.
    I find your videos very helpful and thing our members would too.
    Thank you for the great Videos.

  6. hey man i just did my first head shot shoot i was thinking maybe i can send u a few imagers so i can get your expert advice maybe what i shunt or what i shud do thank you of course in advance man love you guys videos

  7. Hi, I' just wanted to say thank you for your tutorials. I'm a complete amateur, but I need to improve my photo taking skills (take photos of drawings and handmade jewelry) and your tutorials were an amazing help! They are very visual, understandable and enjoyable as well. Thank you for amazing work!

  8. I am on a pretty tight budget, but I bought the Nikon (D7200) before I watched any of your stuff, but I had used a Fuji S3 for 15 years, and this seemed this best upgrade. My lens is Tamron AF XR 28-300mm 1:3.5-6.3 MACRO. I do not feel that I am getting the best pictures or color, even after editing. Could you recommend me a lens and a flash for this camera body? Thanks! C

  9. I just watched several of your videos on You Tube. Thank you so much, they were great and so informative. I just ordered the book How to Create Stunning Photography. I have a Nikon D 40 and was wanting another/better DSLR, especially after taking a few lessons from someone at a camera shop in Dallas. He kinda showed me the mirrorless and well my husband bought me one for Christmas and I was like "Ok, what do I do with it now" . The manual is severely lacking, especially since I didn't have a clue about the camera. The camera is a Sony 6000 Mirror less. Again, thank you so much!!! At least I can get started.

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