Sneak Peek! New Sony a77 DSLR Camera & Kit Lens

by Staff June 17, 2016 at 5:44 am

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  1. Yes, it will work, but since it's a DT sensor, it's meant for APS-C cameras. The a99 will go into cropped mode, so you won't use the entire full-frame sensor.

  2. what a biased uninformed opinion, who do you think supplies 90% of the film industry with video cameras. Also sony didn't just decide to start making SLR's they took over minolta who actually made some fantastic cameras

  3. DISCOUNT LINK tiny.ccp0gja

    Customer Reviews:

    "The Camera Fairy blessed my porch last Friday and handed me an Amazon box which upon opening, disgorged a familiar black and orange Alpha box with my A77 body inside, safely cushioned in bubble-wrap. In addition to the charger, manuals and ads, software CD, neck strap and USB cable, there was an empty space (sadly) for the kit lens. …"
    For more details please copy the Amazon link below in your browser:

  4. @PhuNguyen88 It doesn't matter how long someone has been doing something or if all they do is specialize in one area. If the buffet has a pizza that has toppings that the other guys charge two or even three times as much for, then I'm going for the buffet. Sony does make general electronics and yes, some of them aren't good. But Popular Photography Magazine has named a Sony camera as Camera of the Year for two years now. The a77 has been winning over critics who usually favor Canon or Nikon.

  5. Would you come to a Buffet and get a Pizza or you can go straight to Pizza hut and get a Pizza ? Sony make generals electronics, but Nikon and Canon are professionals in DSLR. Thats the fact.

  6. @Superbustr Huh??? The Canon 7d with kit is almost $200.00 more expensive than the Sony A77 with kit @ B&H, and the A77 blows the 7D out of the water. Comparing the A77 to Canon's 5DMkII would be a more fair comparison (even considering the full-frame/APS-C difference) and the 5DMkII is almost $300.00 more than the A77 FOR JUST THE BODY!

  7. I really like the newer sony cameras because they are very unique and different from the competition including this a77. But I find their products are way overprice. This camera with the 16-50mm f2.8 lens costs $2000, way to much if you ask me, at least compared to Canon.

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