Sony 50mm 1.8 Alpha Lens

by Staff June 27, 2016 at 6:19 am

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  1. It depends what you want. the 1.4 will have nicer bokeh with the larger aperture, but it works with the in body motor so will be noisier than this. it does however have a metal mount and feel more solid. the 1.8 obviously has the SAM (smooth AF motor thingy)

  2. The autofocusing is noisy, but it's still a good lens. I don't like the lens construction, however…
    I think I'll consider buying this prime lens. since I don't want my third lens to be that pricy :P.

  3. I want to get a 50mm lense for my A55 abd soon A77. I film alot alot and takes pictures (generally fast action). Should I get the 50mm f/1.4 or stick with the f/1.8 ? I dont want to buy the f/1.8 and then buy the 1.4 so is it worth it ? Right now I have a 18-55mm kit lense and an Opteka 6,5mm fisheye .

  4. SAM means " Smooth Autofocus Motor "… not " Silent "!!!! Then there is another incorrect statement in this video about the equivalent focal length of this glass: this is ad " DT " ( Digital Tech ) glass, especially designed for APS C sensors and not for Full Frame ones. So if you mount this 50mm on an APS C camera you'll enjoy the real focal length without the crop effect. In fact this lens is not suitable for the A900 and A850 full frame cameras!! Ciaooo 🙂

  5. @diotev2 Sorry, of course it's 75mm for crop APS-C. I was quoted magazine "Digital Photo & Video Camera 06-2011". In this magazine Sony 1.8 tested like 50mm lens

  6. @igoRajon Are you sure about that? afaik, you should multiply focal lengths of ALL LENSES by your cropfactor… (i.e. 1.5, 1.6,…)
    That's why kitlenses are 18-55, to 'fake' the 28-80' kitlenses from full frame cameras
    Guess what 18*1.5 = 27, and 55*1.5 = 82.5… -> (27-82.5)
    Not a coincidence in my opinion…
    plz correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think i am…:P

  7. Hello.. i just bought a brand new 50mm 1.8 lens…and when I shake it, it sounds like there's something slightly loose inside….like a loose element or something, although I seriously doubt that's the case since it's producing good photos… it is normal?

    Has anyone with this lens experienced this "loose" sound when you shake it? If so, can you shine some light on what's causing it? I'm just wondering if it's a characteristic of this particular lens or something..

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