Sony a6000 vs Nikon D7200 !!! Advantages of DSLR vs mirrorless competition!!!

by Staff October 25, 2016 at 11:06 am

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  1. As i am m43 user and invested in it. Its kind of sad that mirrorless makes claims which it cant live up to. Model after model almost same IQ and etc.. Price keeps increasing drastically. For casual use mirrorless is enough But for serious photography nikon and Canon all the way.

  2. cirifiscio- Köszönöm a biztatást. Remélem segitségére lessz pár embernek. Valami okból kifolyolag nem tudtam az egészet elolvasni. Az értesittés megjött de nem tudtam kinyitni. Lehet azért mert magyar nyelven van, nem tudom. Jó éjszakát.

  3. Great video! You've touched upon so many little things that nobody is telling. It's like we are being sold a dream but the truth is that the mirror-less ecosystem hasn't matured yet.

  4. Thanks for getting back to me so soon Attila. I intend on making some shorts videos, promotional type of stuff. Not youtubing or reviewing or anything like that. I want to use slow motion in video so the d7200 would do 60fps but a6300 120 for. I have a cheap slider and glidecam that I'll be using the new camera on for vid work.
    As well as this I want to continue to learn and develop my "stills skills" and just shoot more of everything:landscape, portraiture including flash stuff too. I have a manual yongnuo flash that I guess I can't use on Sony. A big selling point I liked about the Sony system was adapting older lenses. Thanks so much for the offer, unfortunately I'm in athlone which is quite a trek from you! I've gone over budget to be truthful for what I am currently shooting, be it photo or video.
    Let me know if you have any more thoughts and need any more info. Thanks Attila, look forward to watching more of your vids.

  5. Hey – thanks for the great info in this video. Lots of good fundamental points on both good and bad from either system. I have been a Nikon APC shooter for a few years here in Ireland as well, just amateur level. A few weeks ago I decided to sell my D5100 with lenses to fund a Sony A6300 to do more work in both photo and video. I've had a lot of time to think about this since purchase was made because of the delay in shipping the camera due to the earthquake in Japan in April. Now I am thinking about cancelling my outstanding order and going for either a D7200 or 70D instead and having some money left over for lenses/lighting etc. There seems to be a lot going against the A6300 (overheating, high costs, etc) and feel I may have rushed into this decision.
    Could you offer me any advice?! I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks

  6. Thank you For the video. I bought the original sony marketing pill and I have to say I agree with your conclusion in the video. I will keep my a6000 for the small footprint but I'm seriously considering a d7200 , maybe a used d600 even a older d700 you are correct, the more serious sony lens are crazy expensive and just as big as Nikon f2.8 lens. You forgot to mention the option of older Nikon lens or used market as there is very little used pro sony lens and tons of used canon and Nikon lens to choose. Your video just confirmed my thoughts up until now.

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