Sony a7R II Hands-on Review

by Staff January 7, 2017 at 11:37 am

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  1. How bad is the video (besides the rolling shutter)? You said it is just decent, but not perfect. I would expect excellent results for a $3.2k camera!

  2. Is there any way to adjust the exposure while the (back button) focus is pressed? I can't seem to find a way to scroll the shutter wheel or anything while in focus. This is helpful in continuous focus for moving subjects changing from a dark scene to a bright one or vice versa. Apparently you can't do this with the a7rii and you can only dial your exposure without focusing. I hope I'm wrong.

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  4. this camera does not reach pure white, (253 r, g, b) and its sensor has problems reaching full blue exposure. For professional color photography this is not what you want.

  5. Oh DigitalRev TV… I'm sorry, but I watch your videos just to have a good laugh…. Am I a bad person? For serious reviews, I go elsewhere. If I want to have a good laugh, I come here! You put a great amount of work into your videos, you really try to be that funny TV presenter, but it just doesn't work with camera reviews! People don't watch TV to learn about cameras, but I'm sure Top gear would employ you with your video style! In my opinion, there's too much "mm countryside, pooey" type jokes to be a serious review, too informal. Good for some TV shows, but this isn't one of them. Cringe-worthy, but funny!
    Of course, this is just my opinion, I understand how but work you put into your videos. Some people might find these reviews useful, but personally, I don't.

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