by Staff April 20, 2017 at 2:48 pm

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  1. Looks like a great camera, but I have to wonder if there are enough "pros" to have a viable market. Or at the end cameras like this will be the real "killer" of the industry, driving more people to their phones, and the corresponding consequences. Fuji, Nikon, Canon, and Sony seems to be driving the market to the $2k or more price range to survive.

    By the way, using the moniker "killer of something", cheapens your message. Thanks.

  2. I think it's good to have a hot new competitor on the scene because that will only drive canon and Nikon to innovate their dslr's more. Idk if dslr's will ever "die" though. In 20 years my 6D and rebel t3i will just be collectors pieces like how the old film cameras are now and I'll be the old codger still using his dslr when all the kids are using their direct-to-cloud virtuHUD-contacts to capture their moments.

  3. Wow people have a lot of opinions about a product that hasn't been tried yet. The pro users this camera is aimed at care about more than what can be read on a spec sheet. What about usability, what about the lens line up, what about support? The ecosystem around the camera is of huge importance. Seriously, who is going to jump ship to a whole new system? We don't really know how this one stacks up via the competition nor do we know what other companies have in the pipeline. It amazes me when people get so excited every time a new camera comes out. There will always be a new 'new thing'. Also, what does this tech fetishism have to do with photography? Not that much in the end.

  4. It looks like a fantastic bit of kit although of no interest to me personally, I find that my Canon 7D MkII does sufficient 'bursts' for my passions of flight be it natural or man made. For 4k I use a Lumix G80 and whether video or stills sequences, my humble set up has taught me one thing, pressing the shutter button produces huge amounts of data to be further processed as RAW files or 4k video on my PCs and the back up and storage soon becomes a major issue, I actually have 5TBs of RAID to play with.

    Obviously it is not aimed at a keen amateur like myself or indeed, all professionals so whilst 'playing' with it would be fun, I suspect even if I were prepared to spend that amount of money, actually owning one would be a nightmare though it will please the fan boys who like to drool over kit they will never buy. There is though one possible bonus for me as a 'Canon shooter', as Sony are parking their tanks on Canon's lawn, it might motivate Canon to up their game ! So all good Ted.

  5. But 20FPS is electronic shutter and it's not GLOBAL- so what's the buzz? Sure it's cool tech spec, but who would shoot action/sports with electronic shutter now? Either way can't wait Fuji will put hands on such sensors for their X-Trans cameras 🙂

  6. Does Canon and Nikon have to wait a certain amount of time after this camera ships before they can start developing new cameras with the Exmor staked CMOS sensor? Hell Phase One and Hasselblad all use Sony designed CMOS medium format sensors. Staked Medium format 100mp sensors at 8fps are the real next step.

  7. I was thinking about a7 II year ago when i decide to purchase new camera. lack of dual sd slot, poor af and non native cheap fe 1.8 lenses pull me to Nikon D750. Im very happy it is a great camera, but im still wacth over sony. They are future. Camera looks good. Then need to fix a couple of things and looks like a9 is the solution for that. My only problem with this camera is price. Looks like sony try to compete with canon 5d – who is going to do more retarted price. D750 with 2000 usd price point will be still best purchase for lots of people.

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