Sony DSLR-a850 vs DSLT-a99 Comparison (SLR vs SLT Technology)

by Staff October 6, 2016 at 10:32 am

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  1. yeah… that is weird as A99 should loose 1/3 of the light because the mirror send 1/3 of the light to the autofocus for faster focus… 🙂 hm…. im still going for the A850 if i can get it cheap enough 🙂 can save some seriously money on that try take photos of an object or landscape and set them on same shutterspeeed and see witch one is the brighest on the results

  2. I just made a test with it. Assure both a850 and a99 without lens, EV on a850 is 1/500,ISO2000; EV on a99 is 1/640,ISO2000 with translucent mirror, and 1/800,ISO2000 without mirror…Wierd!

  3. if the + and – value is the same… ofcourse…. i ment if the A99 in a indoor room. while the A99 have the same f value and iso as the a850 the 850 can for example get 1/300 and it will get the same exposure as the A99 on 1/200 🙂 thats what i was asking about :)

  4. This video is showing the preview of EVF will be brighter than OVF during darkness situation, if the exposure value of both SLT/SLR is +/- 0EV, the brightness of the picture should be same.

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