Sony DSLR-A900 demo video

by Staff September 26, 2016 at 10:14 am

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  1. 写真は、MFで撮るものだし、ファインダーを見て撮るのが一眼レフでしょ。

  2. Real photographers use any system or combination to give them the photos they want. Even a plastic APS with a square plastic rim back in the day of no name brand can suffice too! I have a pro Nikon, Olympus, and Canon. I am missing this one.

  3. But sensor tech is important for those of us that shoot in RAW, my new A700 with the V4 firmware equals the D300 in image quality for about 500 less. Yes the Nikon has more focus points but 11 points is plenty enough for me.

  4. LOL, if Nikon is so great why do they have to use Sonys sensors and technology?

    Sony has become the number 3 DSLR brand in just 2 years, within a couple of more years they will surpass Nikon.

  5. this isnt really a competitor to the 1ds mkIII, its more so to the nikon d700, and the successor to the 5D… and you've obviously never thoroughly used a current nikon d-slr :)

  6. Canon needs to reassess its pricing. Unless this Sony does not have the build quality and and picture quality of the 1DS mrk3 then canon needs to drops its prices….. a lot.

    Nikon is nowhere near, sorry nikon fanboys, and that includes you 1897

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