Sony DSLR A900 Promotion Video (FullHD)

by Staff March 1, 2016 at 12:08 pm

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  1. I still think the people who did this video need to get in touch with BMW. After all, if they did this with a camera, imagine how a car commercial would turn out!

  2. you probably know, that a900 is PHOTO camera, not VIDEO! So it is absolutely does not matter what did they use to record this video. I really dont't understand why do canon/nikon users hate SONY so much. If you like your system why don't you just use it and take pleasure? Why do you always try to put sony into dirt…Strange people…

  3. @le0401 what about thinking to buy a videocamera instead of a photocamera if you wanna videorecord, huh? yesterday, I bought a Ferarri I was expecting a comfortable limousine instead of that it was a fucking sport car… i m so fucking mad now

  4. This "stupid" camera was the first with a 24 megapixel FF sensor; The only reasons to buy it right now is because you need it or you love it. It is not strange that a 3 year old camera has no video mode, it is actually an exception if a FF camera of that time has one. Besides that, this camera will be discontinued as of coming december, and next spring new FF models will be announced.

  5. This stupid shitty camera cannot do video, I got so mad after I placed the ordered. Piece of shit, already canceled my purchase . Why did they say up front that this shit cannot do video, wasting too much of my time, piece of shit.

  6. A great video for a great camera. I own the A-850. The new firmware v 2.00 is awesome. Really faster above all for the old Minolta lenses and really more precise, especially the collateral sensor. Astonning! Even if not mentionned, I got the impression there is some progress for the noise rendering, particularly the red chroma. Is it only an impression?

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