Sony DSLR Video Capabilities Update

by Staff April 14, 2017 at 2:42 pm

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  1. I just invested into a fisheye for this camera, the video crop in video mode pretty much ruins the look of the fisheye because it zooms in. Any idea if firmware will ever fix this or did anyone figure out a way to fix this? I film skateboarding so a good looking fisheye is necessary. Should I just sell this thing and get a T3i? Thanks

  2. I have an A37. And in movie-mode. it ALWAYS crops! 
    It's not like it doesn't crop… it just doesn't do it just after pressing REC.

    Putting it other words. In movie-mode, it crops in preview as well.

    I hate the crop… it ruins all the narrow depth of field. Since I need to be farther away from things to fit them in view.  It ruins the whole camera. I HATE SONY!

  3. Into getting a camera but I'm pretty confused on what to get. Would you say this camera is good for video and also what would you say is the best dslr for filming?

  4. Hey guys i need some help!!
    I got this model for my birthday 2 months ago,and i know it may seem like a stupid question but i cant find the answer anywhere,this model says you can adjust apperture and speed shutter in one mode which is the manual mode but i cant find how to adjust both of the im only able to adjust speed shutter but not apperture? help !

  5. There is a Sony fixed lens mirrorless camera that uses a full frame sensor, it's called the RX1. Sadly I can't get my hands on one, I did do a review on it's little brother the RX100 though.

  6. Time is one thing I did not check but I believe that it is between 15 and 20 minutes. I do know for a fact that as of right now no DSLR can do longer than 29 minutes 59 seconds…at least not when recording to the memory card in the camera.

  7. Wasn't that called IBLIS? that it uses a smaller arae of the sensor so it can "shift" the area of the sensor used. Kinda like Extra stabilisation.

    Anyhow .. it is nice they shoot video and to say the least 50p 28Mpix yummy

  8. Sony did this because of the image stabilization. Have you ever use a program to stabilize your footage? It will crop in the frame because the video have to tilt from left to right to keep it steady.

  9. It's still very odd that the Sony models do this. Nikon and Canon seem to use a different method (I believe they record every other line of pixels off the sensor). I am waiting on a definite answer from Sony…

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