Stepping up from a dslr/mirrorless to a FS5 – Sony FS5 Overview

by Staff October 29, 2016 at 11:11 am

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  1. Ergonomics seem like a rival to the c-series, but when the FS7 challenges the c300 mii, why not challenge the c100 mii with a lower price point? Almost 2k more for 4k and much maligned sony colours..?

  2. One comment regarding the position of the controls on the grip – After using the FS5 for only 2 weeks, I think the controls are well positioned if you use the grip at various angles. Initially, I also thought the joy stick was too far back, but I find it is in a great position when using the grip twisted forward. You can also tilt the grip forward one notch to make the joy stick more accessible. The ergonomics do take getting used to, but after only 2 weeks of use I am no longer looking around for controls anywhere on the camera.

  3. Thanks for the review, I've been shooting with a Nikon D800/D750 for the last few years and just purchased the Sony FS5 and used it last week. You're right that it takes time to get used to it after using DSLRs for so long. The one thing I noticed that I didn't like was that it wasn't as good in low light as my D750 for video, urrgg.., but I think I'll take you're suggestion and use a speed booster, I hope they have one for Nikon fx lenses. Anyone know which one to get?

  4. Yes, 100% agree on the high ISO craze. I think it's useful for special circumstances, but overall it's a sales tactic. Over the past year with the A7S, I've gone above 3200 a handful of times. I'm sure other people find more use from that. Using quality lenses, finding the right light, or simply lighting the scene appropriately are much more valuable for the long run.

  5. Hi Max, thank you.Coming personally from a 5D mark III how would you compare the image sharpness-quality? Does it look video-ish (too sharp), a bit like the EX1-EX3 Sony series? Cheers Max !

  6. Thank you Max for your views. It helps me hugely as I am wanting to migrate from Frankensteining my 5dmk3's and the convoluted setup that is needed just to get shooting and footage in the can.

  7. IMHO I do not feel like the FS5 is a "step up" from mirrorless. The image looks very "videoish" but the Sony A7S ii image is stunning and the low light capabilities blow the fact5 away.

  8. Does the fs5 have in-camera lens correction? Im concerned because I checked and this lens supposedly has some weird distortion when zooming in, that's why I'm wondering if it has it in-camera?

  9. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the FS5's highlight handling ability. You can easily see this in your samples. I can say that I have compared my FS5 to my A7s-II, NX70 and RX10-II and let me tell you, very harsh highlights that blow out other cameras get handled significantly better on the FS5. In fact, my testing even shows that the FS5 captures more shadow detail than my A7s-II. This completely shocked me! The FS5's implementation of SLOG-2/3 is even better than the A7s-II. Again, very shocking. (Not that there is anything wrong with the A7s-II in any way, it's just that the FS5 somehow handles shadows and highlights a bit better)

  10. Hi Max,
    Here's a note about the Black Magic Video Assist 4K brightness. Direct from BM sales.

    The new Video Assist 4K by Black Magic brightness spec (not on the website):

    —-Thank you for contacting us. The display for the Video Assist 4K is 350 NITS. We don't include a sun hood with the unit but there may be third party manufacturers making some for it. I don't think a hood is necessary, but it's all up to the user.

    Best regards,

    Veronica Salas
    Technical Support Representative
    Blackmagic Design Inc.

    Can you see 450 nits outside?


  11. is it better than the NX1in Low light? I really don't understand these times, why buying a 6000$ "video" camera if it is worse in "video" quality, and AF than a 1000$ mirrorless cameras? Why just noy burry videocamcorders and focus only on building a great hybrid cheap camera…

  12. You can get excellent video from all kinds of cameras. Pro doesn't necessarily mean better quality. If you are doing something all the time, your less willing to put up with the hassles that you get from consumer grade gear. Every time I shoot, I have to set up three cameras and audio. Pro gear means good cables and connections, easy reliable set up and operation. If you are a mechanic, you want good wrenches even though you could do the job with a monkey wrench and a screw driver with a bunch of interchangeable tips. Just because you can get great video with a Sony A6300, doesn't mean you want to make your living with this camera. Gerry in Calgary

  13. before my GH3 and GH4's I had the Sony AX2000 and FX1000. They were so grainy in low light and no 4k/UHD.
    How well with the 4f lense is it in comparison to say your NX1?
    lots of situations I'd love a more "video" camera for again but only if the low light quality is good.
    thanks Max

  14. Hmmm. Always wondered how a dedicated video cam compared to a DSLR/Mirrorless. I don't really do run and gun or documentary stuff, I definitely stage my shots. But having internal ND is nice.

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