Still Life Tutorial-Fine Art Photography

by Staff October 9, 2016 at 10:52 am

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  1. rule of space? Haven't heard of that one yet- will have to look it up I guess- any suggesitons for sites showing what symbolisms go qwith what objects? also do you have a video discussing the rule of space?

  2. Very nice, particularly the point that front lighting would be flattening and I think desaturated of the interesting colors. I think I would after the main shot. Shot another frame with only the coat pulled to the left, reshaping the ruffles for variety and then to the right and combined the three in PS and used that  behind foreground items.

  3. I love the video as well. Very informative. I also just found out that I may be a little OCD, because the crooked candles were driving me crazy! LOL! Keep doing what you're doing.

  4. New subscriber here (also seriously considering your book) and I liked the video but don't get me wrong "The crooked candles drove me nuts!" Was there any symbolism there, like no one is perfect or am I just an -sshole? Ha ha!

  5. Awesome video! And good to know that the BLURay is a single disc! Awesomeness! Can't wait to get the book!

    P.s. Tony is a lucky guy! You are adorable. Lol but Tony is the man so I wouldn't wish anything but the best for your family! You guys are awesome out of all the people I follow I learn the most from you two! 

  6. Beautiful image, the still life's final photograph. Aside from the knowledge needed for the photograph, what a great way to develop an eye for composition when the weather is uncooperative! Still life in painting has had a long history from arrangements of objects for the sake of visual qualities (food, flowers, or tools), for religious purposes (vanitas), and for its broader symbolic content, usually with meanings easily understood by a literate audience. Thank you, not a boring concept or post, at all.

  7. Chelsea, I took art history when I was in college so I can appreciate the art style, and you did a great job incorporating the concepts into your photo. It was really nice to hear about the symbolism, hearing you talk about your daughter and Tony, and the wedding ring was a nice touch. Well done! 

  8. Looks good.  I would have put your wedding ring on the middle candle as the Mother in a sense holds the family together, also boing in the middle candle it balances the other 2 candles ( Tony & your Daughter) 😉  Just my little addition to an otherwise great composition 🙂  

  9. GREAT video, thanks for the idea, now I can give it as try with my brand new canon 600ex rt , my first flash I hope I can get it to work, im new at this and you and Tony had helped me a lot thanks

  10. MrEye4get (sorry I can't directly respond to you for some reason) This video was supplementing the composition chapter of our book, Stunning Digital Photography, so I didn't cover the settings. 
    I'll be sure to also cover the setting next time 🙂 It depends on the mood of your still life. Mine is dimply lit, so I used a camera on a tripod and used a slower shutter speed.

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