Studio Lighting Techniques: Using Only 2 Lights

by Staff June 21, 2016 at 6:13 am

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  1. Well, I was trying to listen to what you were saying so I really didn't notice the drums that much unless I shifted my attention to them then my ears started to bleed and I had to hurry up and refocus back to Greg before I bled out 😀 Greg, one of the better tutorials that I have seen on lighting. What type of lights are you using?

  2. Made it about a minute before stopping. Why do people insist on having music running at about the same volume as the speaker when shooting videos? Makes it hard to hear and very distracting.

  3. Nice video. I watched it, then scrolled down to read the comments. I had to watch again to notice the drums! Yeah, second time around it's noticeable, but with the volume low, it's a nice background sound.

  4. if you had a white cloth as a background and do not want the creasing to show… how would u setup light for that? 2 lights on the background and one on the subject?

  5. in both first images the images are 'Blue' down the right hand side of each image due to the colour balance and the background light not spreading enough light across … exposure needs to be fixed in processing.. personally I try and get it right in camera.

  6. Thank you Greg!  Well Guys?
    You are not here to listen to the music or to like Gregs Mustage. Lets focus on the real issue.
    Greg" Could i suggest having only two lights in that i would place more emphasis on high lighting the hair (brim lighting) from the rear – off angle. Use the reflector as you did and your main light. The grey finish on the back of your backdrop would suit more as well as not having such a harsh , bright white behind the subject.
    Balance is very important with lighting and it saves on having to spend extra time photos hopping about.

  7. So the reflector light that bounces over the backdrop is what I need so where can I get one at a scene thrice not to dear? I use a high key white vinyl backdrop with only 3 light soft boxes but I see in the background shades of grey which I don't like and need to edit a lot so this reflector light as u call it takes that away am I right? Thanks 

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