The 12 Days Of PHOTOGRAPHY – Every Photography Tutorial in 1 SONG

by Staff May 13, 2017 at 3:39 pm

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  1. that's just awesome.. I cudnt stop laughing.. really ingenious way to teach us all the nitty gritties..

    I can understand d kind of preparation u had to make for the video ED..

  2. Hahah oh lord. This is a totally whole new level of your videos! Though as an egg lover I got sad watching all those eggs getting wasted 🙁 Great video as usual though 🙂

  3. Ed please help I want to shoot long exposure on the clouds i do have p152 153 154 cokin filters i know I need a tripod I want to do this as the clouds are interesting right now. xxxxx

  4. Great video… Kudos… The book you've used in the video, is it "Shantaram"? Seems so by the looks of the cover.. It's a good read just in case if you haven't read it.

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