The BEST way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills – Photography Techniques

by Staff July 30, 2016 at 9:11 am

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  1. I have no intention of becoming a professional photographer but these tips will certainly
    help me to improve my photography.Out of all the videos I have seen about photography this video is by far the most helpful.Thanks once again.

  2. Wow…Joe tonight you have blown me away …Im always wishing i could be a better photographer and now i realise its my lack of practice thats holding me back …. I have all the gear and no idea … Thanks Joe for another great educational vlog … Amazing ……keep up the good work …

  3. I practice by making my personal project. I still shoot many things depending on the assignment, but it is the personal project that I push through year after year that helps me develop. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm getting there, and I'm happy to find your vlog, Joe! Great tutorials, and good motivation. Cheers! Tom.

  4. This was great advice, and the story of how you practiced by sitting on the curb focusing on the cars as they drove past was a wonderful example of the dedication you have and a clear analogy of the kind others should be aspiring to.

  5. Great video as always! I find assignments a great way to get better at photography. You can start with an assignment to take an interesting photo every day for two weeks. Then you can start to constrain yourself, pick a subject. For example, take a photo every day that will contain a drink. Now do that for two weeks and you will see the progress by looking at each photo you took.

  6. Best video yet. You sound like my music teacher when I was a kid. Practice, Practice. Practice. Just imagine, your next shot may be the award winner.


  7. I really appreciate your videos Joe. You provide a wealth of great information that has helped me dramatically. Always look forward to your videos. Thumbs up as always

  8. Great video Joe [love the background]. Photography is truly a never-ending pursuit. 'Never stop learning' is an important truth. Even seasoned shooters need to keep up with new gear, software updates, current trends, laws, etc..

  9. These may seem like basic tips, but they are spot on. Very, very well said man. Any tips for shooting a wedding solo? I've got a 5d3 and a t4i. (24-105 f4, 50mm F/1.8, 85mm F/1.8) I am mainly a music video guy but I told a friend I would shoot their wedding solo.

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